Tuesday, August 20, 2013

So Many Dogs

It seems like there are more dogs than people in Raton. If there isn't we are very close to that point. And a good portion of dog owners are very irresponsible. They let their dogs run loose doing their business every where. They keep them in their back yards and they bark all night and keep people up with this barking.

These animals are getting them sick, their houses have to be infested with all kinds of germs. How unsanitary is this? How can folks live like this? And they seem to think that every non dog owner has to put up with obnoxious folks who have 3, 4 or 5 dogs.

These dog owners are worse than mothers with their babies. They think everyone loves dogs. I beg to differ.

Cleaning up behind dogs..... eewwe

Even the President just got a new dog, now they have two. What is this world coming too?


Anonymous said...

It's another easy problem the city could address, if they made the effort. I believe we already have an ordinance that requires anyone with more than three dogs to have a Kennel License. But the city does little to enforce it.

And the cruel practice of chaining dogs for hours at a time is illegal in many places in New Mexico, and should be here as well. Not only is it cruel, but it creates vicious animals that are a danger.

Anonymous said...

Probably every president ever has had a dog. George Washington had seven dogs, a horse, and a donkey!

Having a dog is like having a kid though- they require time, money, and effort. If you don't have what it takes to properly care for an animal, then you have no business keeping one.

I'm guessing the President of the United States has the resources available to care for two dogs. ;)

Anonymous said...

I saw the neighbors dog messing with the garbage container that the bears had knocked over and then smelling some other dogs poop, then the dog owner came out and called the pooch and she picked him up and rubbed noses with him.......

Anonymous said...

If the Animal Control unit wanted to earn it's keep, they could drive around at midnight and write tickets to people with barking dogs left outside all night. I swear some people are so inconsiderate. The city would make enough money in a night to pay for a year's worth of gas for their truck. I'm not proposing 'round the clock animal control nor expensive overtime, just some swapped hours a few nights a month.

Ditto in the mornings. So many dogs get "turned out" in the mornings to run free and crap in other people's yards, and are long back indoors before the animal control shift starts. Just a couple mornings a month, cruising the neighborhoods and writing citations.