Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Savage Ave. By Ripley Park - Before and After

Not a bad job at all. The W. M. Serazio Construction Company does a great job. We are lucky to have them in the city. Especially adept at curbing and paving jobs.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

What Is Going To Happen To The Corner Of South 2nd And The Clayton Highway.

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What will the future of this corner of Raton look like? One corner has the old Chinese restaurant and Colt Motel, the other the abandoned KFC the other a vacant lot where day peddlers of one form or another set up. And now the Raton Welcome Center will close. 

The intersection will be abandoned with nothing but vacant buildings. The stretch of Clayton Road between the freeway and the welcome center was never the most scenic in town, but the welcome center really helped the way it looked.

Who owns the building? The state? The Raton Chamber of Commerce has, at times, had an office there. 

The City ought to look into this. Letting the building to deteriorate should not be an option. Maybe the State of NM could transfer ownership to the city and somehow the city could find a suitable tenant for the spot. Maybe the city could staff it themselves with volunteers! Even the pool of volunteers is shrinking.

That corner is what passes for prime real estate in this neck of the woods.

Someone did some work on the Chinese restaurant building, it looks better than it has since they took down the plywood covering the windows.

Anyway, you folks get my drift here? What is or should be done with this corner.

Further reading on the subject at the link below;


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Raton Visitor Center to Close

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Click on the link Below for the article.

Thanks to one of our readers for the "heads up".


I wonder what will happen to the building?

Thursday, September 1, 2016

City Improvements

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Good to see the improvements going on in the downtown area this summer. The city has been busy. If I may say so, in the right places. The place will look different next summer and in the future. Different, improved and a whole lot better.

The area next to the train depot is really looking nice, it will change the face of that area. It looks like they will improve the area on the south side of Ripley Park. That area has needed some work for a long time.

The paving of the streets between 1st and 2nd was a good idea as was the paving Tiger Drive.

Have to give the city credit.... Good job, especially when we consider that the economy has not recovered as hoped.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What Is Going On Here

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Photo from KRTN Website

What is going on here, I can't make it out. Two seasons working on this and it does not look like they will finish before the snow flies again. Will they shut down like they did last winter?

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Failed Attempt At Starting A Raton Charter School.

Someone suggested I write about this, so here goes.

I am a supporter of public education and public schools available to all. Not only in Raton but state and nation wide. The public educational system with free schools for all is the best solution to many of our society problems. Education is the key, not just a slogan. We may place too much responsibility on the schools and teachers, but this is our best chance. Public school teachers are the true unsung heroes and heroines of the United States, always have been and always will be.

Some, for various reasons, will not appreciate the efforts of the public educational system. It does not matter, the rest of us need to fight for the institution.

Private schools and schools that cater to one group or another are fine, but should be supported by the groups that they cater to, not the taxpayers. We are in this together, if we do not like what is going on, get involved. If you want a private or charter school go after the individuals who benefit for financing.

"School choice" is dog whistle  political language for letting taxpayer pay for private, or alternative schools.

The effort in Raton was a misguided attempt by some concerned citizens to have a means of sending their children to a semi private school financed by the taxpayer after they could no longer home school them. There many have been other motives involved. It could have been as a result of the failed effort to build new schools and the subsequent consolidations and abandonment of  Colombian and Kearney grade schools. There are many potential reasons why someone would attempt this.

Raton cannot afford it, these folks should have known that. The chaos that would have resulted would have been a disaster for everyone concerned. I do not think the proponents really looked at that.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Questions And More Questions From A Reader

Anonymous said...
Based on the number of comments, I don't think anyone cares about a private citizen flying a flag in their privacy-fenced back yard. Besides, are you sure it's not a Puerto Rican flag?

Why not some articles on actual news and things happening in Raton?

* The recent unsolved murder.
* The pathetic failed attempt at starting a Raton charter school.
* The local businessman who has accumulated yet another local website for his private collection. (ExploreRaton.com)
* Retirement of a local physician and likely closing of one of Raton's only health clinics. (Family Practice)
* Yet more closing businesses. (Sports Arena and Two-Way Electronics)
* Progress on the multi-modal center. (Where are the bathrooms?!?)

Monday, August 1, 2016

Who Is Flying The Confederate Flag In Raton? And Why?

A city employee flying a Confederate flag in Raton for years. Was wondering if he thinks we do not know that there was more than one flag and what the flag stood for? Not real smart if you ask me. But there it is.


Click on the image to make it larger

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Yikes! Yikes!

Yikes is this true? Raton hiring ex drug dealers? Click on the web link below.
Anonymous said...
Meanwhile the City is hiring convicted drug dealers as police officers.
Raton. Always in the Albuquerque news to make sure no one forgets we're up here.


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Former Colfax County Deputy Who Fleeced Feds Pleads Guilty

Crooked Cop
Check out the article here at the Santa Fe New Mexican:


Disgusting, I hope he gets 10 years, the other guy got off easy. I hope folks do not think that this scum got caught the first time he tried this? And he had the audacity to run for Sheriff....... No brains, but he underestimated......

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Real Estate, Sales, Appraisals, Home Inspections In Raton!

The most hazardous business deal you will encounter in Raton is the real estate sale. There are more real estate agents in Raton than a dog has fleas. The only other business doing so well in Raton is religious preachers. Any business associated with these individuals is suspect, the lenders, appraisers, inspectors etc. Their involvement in the deal becomes suspect because of their association with the real estate "profession".

First you have the real estate agent handling both ends of the deal. Representing both the seller and the buyer..... The real estate "profession" is the only business that I know of that allows this. This has always been a super conflict of interest. The only one who is guaranteed a good deal is the real estate agent and the agency itself. This is one nasty business for a seller. If you have the ability to handle the transaction yourself I would recommend doing so.
As a buyer it is not too bad, the real estate person actually represents you better than the seller. This is the case not only here, but everywhere. But Raton is especially dangerous.

Here lately I have seen 2-3 new real estate business operating in Raton.

Unlike other business vultures like roof and vehicle dent repair which we will soon see after the hail storm, real estate agents proliferate when the markets are good and bad.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Unethical? On Purpose Mistake? Outright Dishonest

SuperSave Market in Raton - You have to watch the sales slip every time, I mean every time. There seems to always be something listed at one price on the shelf and another at the cash register. I know an individual who has been keeping track of this for a long time and he has shown me the proof. And be careful with foods that seem alike, one will be priced super high and the other look a like right next to it will be on sale. If you do not watch this deception you grab the wrong one and they nailed you again.

They get away with this on a very regular basis or they would not do it over and over and over again. There is an incentive for them in this marketing method. The manager knows this as do others working there. They may deny it but the proof is that the mistakes they make are always in their favor. And then they complain about the "common thieves" the "shoplifters" while at the very same time their cash registers are ripping off folks.
This could be excused if it were not so blatant,  so pervasive, it is not that way at other grocery stores in the area. There is deception, mind you, but not on the scale of SuperSave.

SuperSave thinks it is free to do this because they are the only grocery store in town. Byt Trinidad is not that far away.

Business practices like this in Raton by several businesses is what drives people to shop elsewhere. The business community is not expected to police their competition but they should be aware of who is doing this on a regular basis. They ought to be concerned because it hurts them when I go elsewhere to shop because people continually get ripped of at some business or other.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

From a Reader

Anonymous said...
From this week's police blotter:

speeding 50/35
speeding 60/35
speeding 49/35
speeding 60/35
speeding 53/35
speeding 45/35

People need to learn to freakin' drive, and have a little consideration for their neighbors and other people in town. Someone wants to drive like a knob, they should go out in the country somewhere, or sign up for track time.

60 in a 35, seriously??? Good luck affording insurance now.

And the number of people in Raton who think it's ok to drive around with no license, insurance, or registration... How many in just the last month, some of them repeatedly? It's an incredibly high number consider the small size of Raton. It's time to start hauling a few of these peoples' cars to the salvage yard just to keep them off the streets.

Monday, June 27, 2016


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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Identifying Excessive Adulation Syndrome

Identifying excessive adulation syndrome or "Hero Wannabe" is not hard, not hard at all. These personalities seem to be everywhere in these times. Look for them this way:

  • Patches - on jackets or vests. They love to wear these, and the more patches the better.
  • Bumper stickers - If you love freedom, thank a veteran type. Bet there is a veteran driving the vehicle.
  • Pins on baseball hats - The pins identify what type of hero the individual sees himself as.
  • Wearing of firearms in public - This is a doozy, individual wants to be seen as the "Dirty Harry" type.
  • Multiple flags pasted everywhere - He/she wants to be a patriotic hero. One flag is NEVER enough.
Some additional information on these individuals.

Goal-setting is based on gaining approval from others; personal standards are unreasonably high in order to see oneself as exceptional, or too low based on a sense of entitlement; often unaware of own motivations.

 Impaired ability to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others; excessively attuned to reactions of others, but only if perceived as relevant to self; over- or underestimate of own effect on others.

Excessive attempts to attract and be the focus of the attention of others; admiration seeking.

Requiring excessive admiration, adulation, attention and affirmation, or failing that, wishing to be feared and be notorious. The wearing of firearms for all to see.

Feels entitled to admiration, expects it and will go to great lengths to get it.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Bear Proof Dumpsters......

Photos by Marty Mayfield

Bear proof dumpsters have been popping up all around town like may flowers. Hopefully the humans in Raton can figure them out or the trash will be piled up along side of them.

Have to give the city their due credit, years in the making but Raton City wheels are like Juan Domingo Peron used to say, "the wheels of justice roll slow but grind fine".

It is a step in the right direction, cleaning up the town. They look a little complicated, we will see how long it takes the citizens to figure them out. Built tough for sure.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Protest Voting In The 2016 Colfax County Democratic Primary

Yours truly  cast several "protest votes" in the June 2016 Colfax County primary.

1) I did not vote for either Rebecca Hoy or Rayetta Trujillo. Trujillo scored a pretty decisive win over Hoy. My guess it is name recognition and the fact that she had been the Colfax County Clerk before. The fact that Ms. Hoy was new at the job and had been appointed obviously made a difference. I did not think either of them particularly worthy.

The winner Ms. Trujillo has had some serious errors in judgement in her career as the Colfax County Clerk. I hope she reevaluates her processes when making critical personnel decisions. Rayetta Trujillo has a horrible track record at it.

  • Rayetta Trujillo supported the convicted Republican Secretary of State Diana Duran, not once, but twice. She did not see the crook hiding behind the Republican religious facade that Ms. Duran and other Republicans don at election time. I would not be at all surprised if she supported Susana Martinez for Governor over her democratic opponent.

  • Rayetta Trujillo hired the incompetent Freda Baca who followed her as Colfax County Clerk. Now nothing against Ms. Baca, but her term in office was a disaster for the office. Rayetta Trujillo hired her as her deputy clerk and then guided Freda Baca as she ran for the position. Another error in judgement.

  • As the Deputy Clerk, Rayetta Trujillo somehow upset then Colfax County Clerk Freda Baca and went and got fired.
2) I supported Paul V. Sanchez over incumbent, and apparent winner, Donald A. Gallegos. Mr. Gallegos has had some serious issues with getting search warrants. He has been admonished by the New Mexico Supreme Court, all Democrats if I may mention. Mr. Gallegos seemed to want to sweep this under the rug or make light of the situation. He needs to understand that he was elected as District Attorney, not judge and jury,  I personally do not know Mr. Sanchez from Adam, I voted for him as a protest against Mr. Gallegos.

3) I supported Anthony Ayala for District Court Judge over Emilio Chavez for the very same reason that I supported Paul Sanchez. Mr. Emilio Chavez was working for District Attorney Donald Gallegos and was a culprit as wall as Mr. Gallegos in the same search warrant fiasco. He was also admonished by the New Mexico Supreme Court for the same reason.

Now for the time being I will get behind the Democratic nominee, I don't care who it is. The Republicans just fell of of the right hand cliff. Any Democrat will do better than the best Republican.

There you have it folks, the best non partisan political news in our fair county.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

2016 Primary Election Results.... Finally @ 9:30 PM

Click on the image to make it larger

Finally at 930 - Looks like Ms Rayetta Trujillo got the nod.

 The rest of the information can be found at the site below at the Secretary of State office:


It is 8:49 PM and not a bit of information to be found anywhere. That in itself says something. Most of the state counties have posted partial results.... Colfax County, none to be found anywhere. KRTN usually has the early unofficial results by 7:15 or so, minutes after the polls close. Today.... zip information at KRTN.

I went to vote today and skipped over the County Clerks slot, I could not bring myself to vote for either of the candidates. Both seem to be Republicans in Democrat clothing. The primary was nasty, maybe because of "social media", but it was nasty and did not really show either candidate in a good light.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Still Cannot Make Up My Mind On Democratic Colfax County Clerk.

UPDATE: Sunday, June 5th - I will leave this post up until at least Wednesday. It looks like folks are viewing the page (averaging 600 plus per day) to read the comments.....

The two running for Colfax County Clerk do not inspire me, especially as they both seem to be border line Democrats supporting Republicans here and there and by various means. At this late date, less than a week before the election I still cannot make up my mind.

But my decision is not as bad as the Republicans, Trump or the Democrat? Yikes, that has to hurt them. They Hate Obama, they hate the Clintons, they have the idiot Trump as their only option. Talk about a rock and a hard place.

Voters in Colfax County are not the swiftest horse in any race, neither the Democrats or the Republicans. There are enough of the dumb sort to actually vote for Trump in the general election in November. Couple the dumb voters with the rcists out there and you may have a win for Trump.

It will be interesting.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pandering, Pandering To The Different Groups By Politicians.

 Watch for political pandering.... Watch for it.

Pandering to veterans is number one, and veterans love it, they eat it up.

Pandering to minorities is another, here in Colfax County, it is mostly to Hispanics.

Pandering to miners or ex miners or ranchers is another local favorite group to pander to.

Pandering to law enforcement, senior citizens, gun owners, different labor groups, dog lovers, etc., etc., etc. There is really no end to what an enterprising politician can pander to.

And voters respond to "dog whistle" political pandering too. And politicians are expert at blowing the whistle.
Politicians know folks love to be pandered to. Just love it and politicians are born with a "pandering gene". If they are not born with it they acquire it soon after birth.
Politicians religious preachers and business are the very best at pandering.

I will address religious pandering in another post.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Steady Weblog Readership

Page views by day 5/16 to 5/23
Pretty steady readership with a spike here and there, Weekends are slow for the most part. I know the folks at City Hall check in and am guessing the folks at the County Courthouse will continue to grow. Still have one stubborn detractor who just logs on to call me names. I mean he does not like me.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Republican Pals Or Are Some Democrats Secret Republicans?

I had to change the heading on the weblog....

A screen capture from the Vicki Baca Walton For Colfax County Treasurer Facebook page.

What is going on here? A Republican running unopposed in the primaries for the Colfax County Treasurer not only attending Democrat Rebecca Hoy's meet and greet at Angel Fire but introducing herself and her "running mate" to area residents and enjoying some great food.

Is Democrat Rebecca Hoy a closet Republican? I know for a fact that there are several like this in Colfax County. I am glad I did not decide to vote early, I may have to change my vote if Rebecca is helping a Republican running against a Democrat later on. It seems like it if what the screen shot is what it seems to be.

Some register and run as Democrats because they see it as the only way to win in Colfax County. Here is why they do it....

The above is the voter registration for Colfax County from the New Mexico's Secretary of State's office. 53% Democrats to 31% Republican and 15% declined to state and 1% other. This is why some folks run as Democrats in Colfax County. Is Rebecca Hoy one of them?

We have had to contend with former Democratic County Clerk Rayetta LeDoux Trujillo endorsing former Republican Secretary of State and convicted felon Diana Duran in the last two elections. I have been supportive of Rebecca Hoy just because of this. Now it is back to the drawing board for this voter. I may skip voting for County Clerk all together.

Now we have Democrat Rebecca Hoy helping an insurgent Republican who is running against Democratic Candidate Kathy Trujillo? What is a good Colfax County Democrat supposed to think? I wonder what Democratic County Assessor and mother of Rebecca Hoy, Linda Gallegos,  have to say about this? Does Linda agree with it?

This is and has been a big problem for Democrats in Colfax County. Democrats helping Republicans get elected! I know politics make for strange bedfellows, but this is ridiculous, utterly ridiculous.

In the last general election we had Leonard Baca Jr., the son of former Democratic County Clerk Freda Baca run as under sheriff with the Republican candidate on the Republican ticket. You can't tell me they were Democrats. You can't tell me the under sheriff is, or ever was a Democrat. And I guarantee you he will be knocking on our doors one of these days running for sheriff as a Democrat.

Colfax County Democrats need to wake up, they are the ones electing Republicans. And the Democrats who are not Democrats ought to register with the Republicans.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Analysis: The June Primary Elections in Colfax County

I will skip the national races, my guess is everyone has made up their mind. Some will vote for the foul mouthed  reality star Donald Trump, though there are others on the primary ballot. Others will vote for either of the two Democrats, who are both well qualified, Senator Bernie Sanders or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. No real prejudice there on my part....

The only contested race at the local level that I am aware of is the County Clerks slot on the Democratic Party. The other races that I have heard of seem to have no primary opposition.
Rebecca Hoy
Rayetta LeDoux Trujillo

The Colfax County Clerk: This position will be hotly contested by current clerk Rebecca Hoy and former clerk Rayetta LeDeux Trujillo. I have heard that Clerk Rebecca Hoy has been out and about at several meetings in and around the county working the voters. Former Clerk Rayetta LeDoux Trujillo has been canvasing some of the neighborhoods. This has the potential to get negative, especially with all of the social media around. If it does the negativity will work against whoever it is meant to help.

Not a primary race - County Commission District Three, the this will be the battle of the Colfax County political party Chairs. This district has been electing Republicans by small margins in the past. I mean just a very few votes. So this ought to be an interesting race. There is no opposition for either slot in the June primary.
Jeff Carr

Jeff Carr - Mr. Carr is the present Colfax County Democratic Party Chair and is running unopposed for the Democratic slot. He is a school teacher and lives in the Moreno Valley. He was previously elected to and served in the New Mexico Public Education Commission District Three. His Facebook page is here.
James "Landon" Newton

County Commissioner and current Colfax County Republican Chair James "Landon" Newton is running for reelection unopposed for the Republican slot on County Commission District Three. There is hardly ever any Republican opposition in the primaries. At least I cant recall any in recent memory. Newton is the owner of Ranchers Supply in Springer, New Mexico and is also a licensed New Mexico Real Estate Broker. You can read his profile here.

The Republicans have two (2) folks running in the primary for the opportunity of taking Democratic Congressman Ben Ray Lujan in the general election. They are Michael H Romero running against Michael Glenn Lucero.

The District Attorney for the 8th Judicial District race is contested on the Democratic primary ballot with Paul Sanchez running against the incumbent Donald Gallegos.  Mr. Gallegos has had his problems with reprimands from the New Mexico Supreme Court for conduct unbecoming a District Attorney. I think I will give his opponent a shot at the position, maybe he can do a better job without drawing the ire of the NM Supreme Court.

The 8th Judicial District is also contested in the Democratic primary, appointed judge Emilio Chavez  is being challenged by Anthony Anaya. Judge Chaves was also reprimanded by the NM Supreme Court for the exact same reasons that District Attorney Donald Gallegos was reprimanded. Prior to being appointed to the court he used to work for the District Attorney. I will also give Mr. Anaya my vote for this position.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Public Schools Are The Only Hope For America And New Mexico

Private schools serve a purpose, maybe a real good purpose, but they are not the answer for New Mexico and New Mexicans as a whole. Private schools have never been the answer and they never will be. They have their adherents but those folks are very shortsighted and their goals are limited.

Public schools, on the other hand, server the general population, not just the few who can afford it. Public schools have the responsibility of educating all New Mexicans, not the few who would be allowed into private institutions. In short, public schools are the answer! Public schools are the only hope for New Mexicans. If public schools are not working, or weak in any area, we, the citizens are the ones responsible to step up and fix the problem.

It is up to us, the citizens to step up and fund the schools appropriately, up to us to insure the schools are staffed properly. We do this through our school boards. And it is up to all of us, not just the few to insure this. We have no choice, it is either this or an uneducated populace. If you home school or send your child to a private school it does not remove the responsibility of the maintenance of our public school systems.

Charter schools are a hybrid type of education separating pupils by design. Be that design to warehouse under performing students or peeling of the best and brightest.

Home schooling - No further explanation is needed here. Some folks choose to do this and it is their right to do so, but the public schools remain as does the responsibility of maintaining them.

The danger and the problem with any other model so far established or tried is that they siphon funds from the public school system. They siphon these funds overtly or covertly, either way they detract form the system that has evolved to teach the general population, all of the general population.

Some if not all of the folks proposing other methods of redesigning the public educational system have ulterior motives that may or may not manifest itself to the general public. These motives may be intentional or unintentional, it does not matter what they are, they are there and they are numerous.

The public educational system is the best system devised so far, warts and all.

Monday, April 18, 2016

KRTN And Prayer

Just happened to tune my dial to KRTN as the segment that has Mexican music was coming to an end this last Sunday and heard the disc jockey saying a long prayer for everyone in the 'listening audience".

Do listeners who like Mexican music want or need the prayers more so than the run of the mill listener? Or was the disc jockey trying to give his listeners in the "listining audience" a huggy, touchy feeling? Or was he sending a message that he is pious and or more pious than the rest. Or was he just ignorant and unprofessional? Who wants a disc jocky saying prayers for them on a regional radio show?

 They will be lining up by the thousands to hear him pray next week. They will be rushing to patronize the advertisers. Just what did those prayers accomplish? Someone care to explain?

Soon they will be asking for "love offerings" on KRTN.

But ole Billy D set the example. I just tuned it off....... he is taking full advantage of the lack of a newspaper in the area.... Ole Billy D did not fall off of the turnip truck yesterday.

Charter School(s) In Raton?

KRTN has a long article by Marty Mayfield on the issue of "Charter Schools" that is, or will be. front and center if Mr. Mayfield is in the know about the matter. Read the article here.
It is my understanding they are funded with public funds, the very same funds used for the Public Educational System. If this is so, in most cases I would say it is a bad idea for New Mexico and for Raton. We need the Public Schools to remain public and available to all. We also do not need another school for whatever reason here in Raton. The citizens have spoken loud and clear by refusing to pass the bond election in the last two efforts.
We here in the Raton School District cannot afford, nor do we need, another school. It does not matter how it is presented. Charter school, new buildings etc. We do not need another school. The system cannot support it, no matter what some think.
I don't know if the cartoon above is right, or just partially right, it is a concern because of what I have heard or read on the subject. On the one hand it seems like they tend to warehouse the students at the lower end of the learning/economic scale. In other cases they draw away the best and brightest. Either way, I am not sure it is a good idea.

There might be a situation, here or there, where a charter school would be justified. Maybe Albuquerque or Las Cruces. Maybe they can afford to siphon funds and other resources from the Public Educational System. In Raton, we cannot afford it.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Renaming Raton Middle School Or Renaming Russell Marcy Academy

This from the KRTN Facebook Page:

"Name (re-name) the School" Committee: The Raton Board of Education is asking for public input to possibly re-name Russell Marcy Academy (Raton Intermediate/Middle School). If you would like to be on the committee, please contact Ms.Walton at 445-9111 or sned an email to: karen.walton@ratonschools.com Deadline is 4/29/2016. Please leave your phone number as well as your name.

Some of my thoughts:

Personally it never occurred to me that the old Raton Middle School would have to be renamed after the consolidation. Was it  something that needed to be done? Now who came up with the name  of Russel Marcy Academy is another subject all together.  I do not understand why the name Raton Middle School was not suitable for the new configuration of grades after the consolidation.

Now it seems someone does not like the name they came up with and will do another round of thinking for a suitable name for the institution. I am pretty sure that they will not revert to the old name of Raton Middle School, it would make them look foolish. So they are inviting the community to come up with a new one.

Would Raton Middle School be wrong? Isn't it the middle school anyway? There are lower grades at other schools and higher grades at the high school.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Super Scam For Our Hispanic Friends

Click on the image to make it larger

This is a flyer I picked up at the Super Save Super Market in Raton yesterday. Nothing but a bunch of garbage meant to take the Spanish reading public for a royal ride. Talk about quacks, this guy literally has no shame making all of these promises. This Don Arkadio "El Botanico" will cure everything with a 1,000 % guarantee. That is right folks, 1,000%. Hell I could make money taking them up on it.

Don Arkadio "El Botanico" claims I may be a victim of witchcraft and not know it. But if I call 505-967-2921 Don Arkadio "El Botanico" will help me. You have to see to believe the flyer states. Don Arkadio "El Botanico" cures because of his knowledge of  the indigenous. Don Arkadio "El Botanico" always speaks the truth......

There is nothing impossible for Don Arkadio "El Botanico" OR for God!

  • No more suffering
  • No more tears
  • no more humiliations
  • no more sickness
  • no more lies
He can help with your luck, he can help you with bad habits, he can purge you of spells, any illness. 

This is just some of the stuff promised on the front of the flyer. The back has a laundry list of ailments in smaller print. Does not speak well of what he thinks of our Spanish reading friends in the area. I say Spanish reading because as you can see it is all in Spanish.

Don Arkadio "El Botanico" is available from Sunday to Sunday all you have to do is call to make an appointment and if you can't visit him he can help you "long distance". All you have to do is call. You have to confide in Don Arkadio, he is your friend in truth.

I wonder what he charges?

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Who Can Guess Where This Colfax County Tree Is At

Click on the image to make it larger

Who can guess where this tree is at? At the side of a paved well used road in Colfax County. A big attaboy to whoever can guess. It is one of the prettiest trees in the county.  It is on the highway right of way, so some idiot will never top it. Thousands of folks see this tree on a pretty regular basis.

The winner, if there is one, or more, will be announced in a few days, lets see what guesses we get.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Raton Roar?

Check it out.

The item below comes from one of our readers. "it is certainly not GoogleSites junk or another similar laziness." 

Ouch, that last comment hurt! Ouch! Ouch!

For comparison, here's a website created and maintained by the students at Raton High School. All content, the writing and photos, are student-created. The school year calendar is accurate and kept up to date. The site is well laid out and easy to navigate. And, as far as I can tell, the site is created from hand-written code; it is certainly not GoogleSites junk or another similar laziness.


It would be nice if you could post this link at your blog to give these kids some recognition for their creativity and hard work, and a bit of publicity.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Customer Service In Raton, NM

As far as customer service is concerned Ace Hardware is number 1 and Auto Zone is Number 2 are the best, the very best. The restaurants are ok for the most part. The Casa Lumas or whatever is called (formally Sands) took my wife's plate off of the table before she was done eating last night. Over attentive, we could not eat in peace, too, too many waitresses wanting to know if everything was ok. The Oasis restaurant is ok, I heard one of the waitresses making political jokes in there with one of the customers.
Some places like the one mentioned here:


Seem to want to chase customers away. I will say that the Mesa Pharmacy did remove the offending bulletin board. But it was up for an extended period of time, It used to be at their previous location in the Dona Ana Shopping Center.

I have had some auto work done at Lil Benny's and found them to be good at what I wanted them to do. I will give them my business when I can.

Business owners should know that customer service is number 1. Either that or they should not complain when they do not have enough business.
The Do It Best Center has a new guy there who is excellent at customer service. He has been very helpful when ever I have been there.

Some of the better ones ought to be putting on customer service sessions for all of the businesses in town.

The "Dollar Stores" are another matter all together.