Thursday, July 17, 2014

Consolidating Schools In Raton.

This bit of information is from a somewhat confusing article on the KRTN website. Read the whole article there.

Here ia another article from the Raton Comet provided by a reader of the weblog, check it out.

"The school district is looking to fund the new facility with a bond election. The proposed bond will be for $7.1 million and will be retired in 12 to 14 years. The tax impact from this bond will be about $109 per year on $100,000 of taxable value or $14.65 per month."

Now $14.65 does not by itself seem like a deal breaker until you take into account the last tax increase imposed by the city on top of that the doubling of fees after the transition from the landfill. That adds up to close to $30.00 per month per household. People will remember all of these increases when asked to approve the new bond. The school district has a bigger chore convincing folks this time than they had the last go around.

I, for one, have not been convinced of the need. Pretty hard to convince me that maintenance will not be cheaper than building a new school and consolidating. I think folks like the neighborhood schools where they are at. Consolidation of the 3 into 1 may or may not be the answer.

The Raton School personnel have a tough sell ahead, a very tough sell. It would be interesting to have some feedback from other folks in Raton.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Balancing The Raton City Budget

Fine the dog owners who are breaking the law, at least breaking the city ordinances. The city could rake in a mint by fining dog owners $50.00 a pop for having their pooches pooping in public parks. They are all over at all hours of the day and night. Folks cannot sleep because of barking dogs all night. I don't know what happens as soon as the sun comes up because the barking stops.
Bears, raccoon's, deer, skunks, cats and who knows what else that wander around at night keep these miserable animals they call pets barking and howling all night. The city could clean up the town and balance the budget at the same time. They may even get some money to pave some of the side streets, maybe even open up tha Aquatic Center for free to all. That is how many dogs wander our streets.
The city would do well to target these folks. Not the old lady with a lap dog, but most of the others. The city could afford to hire more dog catchers, at least for a while. I would advise them to screen the dog catchers they plan on hiring otherwise they may hire another crook who will rob the citizens blind.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Supersave And Anna's Tortillas

Supersave will soon have a tortilla factory in their store, something else they can advertise for one price on the shelf and charge another at the cash register. Keep an eye on them, they play possum when you bring up the mistakes in pricing. It is an accident they say. Really, tell me all about it.

Greed on the part of the owners/managers of Supersave. They will try and may actually succeed in driving Anna's Home Made Tortillas out of business. All this for a few additional dollars. I personally will not buy their products that compete with the ones Anna's Home Made Tortillas sells.

Supersave is showing a cut throat side of business here in Raton that may backfire. Any preference I have had for shopping there rather than Walmart will go out the window for me.

The same thing happened with Phil Long Ford with cheap oil changes. They reduced their price trying to run the independent oil change places out of the business. They succeeded with Lark's In and out Lube. Not so much with Cunico's Tires. I stopped patronizing Phil Long at that time. I now try and give my business to one or the other of the independents. I especially like Lil Benny's.
 K-Mart tried this with me last week also, having one price on the shelf and charge you another, always more never less, at the register. Then play dumb when you catch them at it.

Walmart in Trinidad is bad at this, especially their fruit and vegetable department.

McDonalds fast food in Raton is another culprit at posting one price and charging another at the register and playing dumb when you bring it up and refund me my dime when I bring it up.

This double dealing is a common and very profitable business practice everywhere.

Fear And Motivation

Scaring consumers gets results for the better — and the worse

Fear is a powerful motivator for consumers, and it underlies more of our spending decisions than we would care to admit.

We’re afraid of identity theft, so we buy credit monitoring. We fear our new iPhone will break, so we buy an extended warranty. We fear pesticides and hormones in our food, so we buy organic. We fear bad breath and “ring around the collar,” so we buy products offering solutions.

Facebook walls and Twitter feeds can be full of well meaning posters warning friends and followers against the latest dastardly health scare, money scam or tale of woe — many of which have a consumer product or service to alleviate the fear. Marketers long have known they can scare consumers into buying.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Amtrak Tour, UPDATED

Click on the image to make it larger
The headline in todays Santa Fe New Mexican....

Martinez administration may skip Amtrak CEO’s whistle-stop tour.

What a shame, you think someone would be asked to attend. She is probably down south somewhere or in Arizona raising money. What an excuse for a governor. The state is still losing jobs and she does nothing but cut corporate taxes. 

How about helping NE New Mexico and visiting with the Amtrak folks?


Check this article out.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Heroes, Heroes, Heroes And Yet More Heroes. The John Wayne Syndrome

John Wayne syndrome is widespread in our society. People have made a draft dodging actor into a hero. Everyone wants to be a hero.

Us non heroes will soon be in the minority, we are close to the threshold of having more heroes in the population than regular folks. At one time we needed heroes for children to look up to, now we are over run with heroes. Police, city firefighters, volunteer firefighters, emergency responders all seem to be classified as heroes and there are lines of would be heroes lined up looking for work. Middle aged overweight bikers with a doo rag on their head and black leather chaps are also heroes, they do not just ride motorcycles, they ride to commemorate other heroes and this makes themselve be seen as heroes. Guys (and women) wearing guns in public looking for criminals so they can shoot them and claim to be heroes.

Servicemen, veterans of every stripe seem to fit no matter what they did in the service. People in the medical field are classified as heroes. School teachers, when not being vilified, qualify as heroes also. These heroes cannot wait to be pictured in the newspaper or better yet in front of the TV. Very few vocations are not heroes anymore, and those that aren't are working hard to be classified as such.

Some of these "heroes" can be easily identified by the number of pins on their baseball or cowboy hats, patches on their vests, licence plates or bumper stickers on their cars. To put the icing on the cake, a U.S. flag has to be at the top of the list. Put one on the aerial of your 1991 pickup or motorcycle and you are not only a hero, but a patriotic hero. Also shirts decorated with the U.S. flag qualifies. Sometimes all you need is a cowboy hat and boots. Tuck your pants into the boots for that little bit extra.
Don't you agree pilgrim?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th Birthday For Weblog Came And Went, Yesterday On 5 July 2014

Four years ago, when the Earth was young and a few years after the molten lava stage had passed, we started this weblog. It started as a way to let folks post unedited comments to posts that were being posted on a weblog maintained by then Mayor pro tempore, Charles (Chuck) Henry's wife, Sharon Niederman. She had this weblog  where she was trashing Raton and the people of Raton and editing and selecting comments in response to the web-posts.

I kick started this weblog and a chat room in response on July 5, 2010 as Chuck Henry geared up to take over the reins of government in our fair community. It was to be but his first step in his quest for world domination. Raton was to be a stepping stone.

Anyway, a lot of water has passed under the proverbial bridge since then. The effort by many folks to stop him, of which this weblog was but a small part, succeeded. He was ousted along with several others and a new course, very bumpy, but new none the less was set for Raton.

Since then, and several elections since, we have elected and appointed a whole slew of commissioners, city managers and more mayors than you can shake a stick at. One, Charles Starkovich, was appointed then elected to the commission and named mayor before he quit to help our underprivileged Hispanic voters who were being swindled out of the fair representation on the city council. It was rumored that another reason for his quitting was so he would not be recalled in the days of the recall frenzy by Raton citizens.

Anyway, wish us a happy birthday. We are still here and kicking, maybe not so much and not so hard, but still here and still kicking. I keep track of numbers of people stopping by and as long as folks are interested in the posts and responses to the posts I will keep it up. So, keeps the cards, letters, and poison darts coming.

Jewels Of The Area

Sugarite State Park with its camping and fishing, the Raton Library, The Raton Museum, the Art place at the old Wells Fargo building by the train depot, the scenic drives towards Ted Turner's place, the scenic drive over Johnson Mesa, the hiking trail in Climax Canyon, the Old Raton Pass road, Miners/Colfax Hospital, the VA Clinic, The Raton City Parks, the Aquatic Center, the ball/soccer fields, the Raton Schools. The list goes on.

We who live here are fortunate to live in an area like Raton. Many, many people pay good money to get away from where they live to come and visit our area.

Raton Comet Article On Ripping Off The City

Read The whole article here on the Raton Comet. As if the city (really you and I) did not have enough problems with money.

This thief ought to be made to cough up the names of the people who she sold the gas to. They had a hand in this, who believes that someone selling you cheap gas is doing it legally? Just expose these folks, they are responsible for keeping this type of crime up. This woman was stealing from you and I.

The Comet did a very good job on the article. Some good reporting.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Interesting Article And Funny Cartoon


Friday, June 27, 2014

Great Job Of Paving 2nd Street And Other Thoughts

They did a great job, hop and skipped over areas that were not to be paved with a minimum of traffic disruption. Good job by all concerned. It did not take long either.

Lots of summer activities in the area. Rodeo, baseball, car shows, live theater, the mountin man thing up at York Canyon. Anyway, lots of stuff to do.

A dearth* of garage sales lately. Sortta miss the signs and activity. Maybe around that needed to be sold is gone.  The folks who frequent the sales are at the Mercado, or at least it seem like it.

Have noticed where the trees that are along Tiger drive have all died. What a shame to lose an investment lile this. Every bit of domestic greenery is precious in an area like Raton. Some trees by the horse shoe pits have also died. Lots and lots of trees are dying all over town. Some will come crashing down on a house here soon.

*Notice the big journalistic word?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Why Do Businesses Complain About Sales Taxes?

I always wonder why businesses complain so much when a municipality or state raises taxes 1/4 of  a cent. Get that folks 1/4 of a cent (25% of a penny). First they cry like it is coming out of their pocket then they cry like it is costing them money to collect the tax. They would have us believe that it costs them more than it costs us. That is not the case. Business owners will have to pay the increase like the rest of us as they spend their profits. But it does not cost businesses any more than you or I. 

Businesses need to realize that the public knows that businesses have no inherent right to conduct business. The operate because of the goodwill of the people. It is a privilege granted by the people, the taxpayer, to conduct business, it is not a right. They need to remember that. They do not give their stuff away, we the customers, the general public, the taxpayers, pay for it.

The way some business owners complain you would think that we could not exist without them. They need to REMEMBER that we need each other. They need the tax payer as a customers more than we need their particular business.

Having been in business for myself at one time, I know what I am talking about.

Businesses have huge, huge propaganda machines that try to influence the way the general public, the tax payer, perceives them. They pay more for this than they pay taxes. Don't llet them kid us.

On the one hand they tell us that businesses do not pay taxes, consumers do then on the other hand they whine and complain about all of the taxes they pay. The former is true, not the latter, remember that.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

You Have To Force People

So now we will forced to accept another 1/2 (.25) cent sales tax. Not too, too bad when you consider the alternative. Maybe we can take a collection for those who cannot afford it. I bet that the biggest whiners will be the biggest users of tax dollars.

Anyway we all have been forced to do things for our own good before.
  • Some folks in the Antebellum South and other racists of the day had to be forced to accept African Americans as people. Even now, without civil rights laws folks would slide back into old habits.
  • Folks with nasty yards need to be forced to clean them or they will remain nasty. We need to force more to clean them up anyway.
  • New Mexicans were forced to accept U.S.citizenship in 1846.
  • We are all forced to obey the laws.
  • Native Americans were forced to quit raiding and forced unto reservations.
  • Homeowners need to be forced to pay property taxes.
  • We all have to be forced to pay gross receipts at the places of business.
  • In the past draftees were forced to defend their country.
  • Dog owners have to be forced to clean up after them.
  • You get the drift.
Even nations have to be forced to do some things they won't do on their own. People(s) have always been forced to do things for their own good, no two ways about it.

So I support the city commission on this. I even apologize for calling them gutless and weenies and powder puffs. Maybe they are not all like that and maybe not all of the time.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Shopping Locally

An interesting comment on my last webpost got me to thinking. Businesses, retail businesses everywhere will tell us all kinds of stuff on the wonders and benefits of shopping locally. I am sure there is a lot of truth to the stuff they tell us. But businesses do have responsibilities to the consumer too. Businesses sometimes forget that. Raton retail businesses are no different than those elsewhere.

They need to sell decent goods, whatever they may be. They need to be priced competitively. They should not take undue advantage of their consumers/customers. They need decent customer services.

Some business lack competition and that hurts everything. It affects all aspects of a business. The Supersave Supermarket is a case in point. No competition in the vegetable/fruit/meat departments and the quality of those show there is no competition. They have a big problem with pricing, this may be incompetence or willful on their part. It doe not matter, the result is the same. Numerous times I have found the price in the area where the goods are displayed is significantly different than the price at the checkout counter.

The now closed supermarket across from the Matador Mexican restraint is another example of bad business practices. Horrible habits. When they shifted to the liquor business they gouged their customers big time.

Suffice it to say that there are several other businesses that are badly managed.

There are some excellent business too, many of them, more so than those types mentioned above. Some business make it a pleasure to shop there. Ace Hardware is a case in point. I also like Lil Bennys, Denny's Restaurant, Autozone Auto Parts. There are many other good places.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Painting The Lines At The Shopping Center Parking Lot

Finally they are painting the parking lot in front of the Super Save/Bealls. It is about time. Looked like a bumper car ride at the amusement park, except you had to use your own rig.

Like one of our "comments" on a recent post indicated maybe things are looking up. I hope so.

"New" Commission And "New" Mayor"

The first time they get the ball they punt to the citizens. I mean the new 1/4 cent tax on gross receipts which we will be asked to vote on soon. Why can't the commission just do it? They have the authority. They do not want to make difficult decision or be seen as raising taxes. This type of decision is what is expected of them. What did they do? The punted the decision to the citizens knowing full well that it will be defeated. Not just defeated, but defeated by a big margin. The commissioners that. It will just give the gutless wonders an "excuse", the excuse will be that the voters turned it down. 

If we were being invaded they would put the defense of the city up for a vote. And they wanted to lead us, what a pitiful bunch.

What will it cost to put on the election? The commission ought to pay for it out of their pockets.

The "powder puff"  boys????? Or should I say the "powder puff" boys and girls? Either way, about the only thing they are willing to do is vote 5 - zip on items that won't force them to make an important decision. on the first important decision they punt to the citizens. It is no wonder it took years to close the landfill.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Leadership On The Raton City Council? Think Any One There Would Recognize It If They Saw It?

Tax increases proposed by the Raton City Council and the Raton School District. They both have about as much chance of success with these as the proverbial snowball in hell. They know that, they absolutely know that. Especially the city.

And If I am not mistaken the city council, if it had any cojones, could do this without putting it on the ballot. But no, the  gutless wonders who we have elected and those they appoint will spend money on a useless election which will cost the Raton Taxpayers additional funds. Funds which the city does hot have by the way. What a bunch of weenies. Where is the leadership we were promised by the new city councilors, Chavez and Giacomo. Where is the leadership on the commission? This calls for leadership beyond removing graffiti in front of the post office, this calls for leadership beyond presenting a plaque to the "hero" of the week at city commission meetings. Who thinks any of our illustrious councilpersons has leadership capabilities?

The Raton City Commission in its regular meeting on Tuesday afternoon, directed City Manager Butch McGowen to begin drafting an ordinance that would increase the city’s Gross Receipts Tax by one quarter of one percent in order to meet the debt service of the Regional Aquatic Center. Read the whole article here.

The school district doe not have any options, this is the only way that I know of that they can come up with the money they want. I am not convinced that the consolidation of the schools and the building of a brand new one is called for, but I will reserve judgement until I have more information.

In a recent meeting, April 24, the Raton School District Board of Education voted 3-2 to hold a special school facilities bond election Tuesday, Sept. 9. Board members Kathy Honeyfield and Beaver Segotta voted against the Resolution. This is the second bond initiative attempt to consolidate the schools in 5 years. Read about this proposed tax increase here.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Before Picture

Click on the image to make it larger.
Go look at what it looks like now, it is a mess.  Across the street from the Motel Six. The city can start here. Think they will do it?

What Has Changed?

Other than 2 new commissioners and a new Mayor, Giacomo, Mantz and Chavez, what has changed? What has changed for the better? Anyone care to enlighten the readership? The political signs in the yards of Raron have changed, but that is about it. The bears are still raising hell and the alleys look like Calcutta.

The dogs raise hell running around loose using lawns and city parks as personal doggy toilets, and cats using any dry spot as kitty litter. It is unhealthy as hell and the pet owners get upset when brought to the attention of the non pet owners part of the city.

The "new" commission acts just like the "old" commission. Musical chairs.

The commission does not have the stomach to enforce city ordinances. They lack intestinal fortitude to do this or anything that they feel uncomfortable with. The new mayor is a sad joke, a very sad joke. Divvied up the presentation of "awards".... What a gal! What a gal! We ought to get her a Wonder Woman getup. There are many, many ordinances on the book that go unenforced because of a lack of will on the part of the commission. And they wonder why? They are like a bunch of buffons.

Like schoolyard bullies they talk tough, but the powder puff group does not have what it takes.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

"Arborculturist" Working Raton?

Click on the image to make it larger.

Arborculturist (or not) working in Raton?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

No Newsworthy Events

Pretty quiet around town. The most excitement is reading the police blotter on the Raton Comet. Even the newspaper and KRTN have nothing "exciting". Their have been some good comments on previous posts, look at them, they are very interesting. Especially the ones on the bear proof dumpsters. I got tired of posting on the subject.

One simple item of interest is that the Raton Landfill finally closed on the 16th. Hope folks figure out the new dumping area instead of dumping outside of the dumpsters provided by the city.

Was at Puerta del Luna and Santa Rosa this past week, they are both hurting as much as Raton, if not more. The huge difference is that those towns are clean.... And I mean clean, free of trash.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Self Identified Social Classes In America

Click on the image to make it larger.

This is what people say when asked what "class" they consider themselves. It is no wonder some politicians get elected, everyone thinks they are middle class. Only 10% think of themselves as lower class. Funny, real funny.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Accident..... Sorry

I accidentally deleted 3 good comments, if you can, please re post. I don't do that often, must have pressed the wrong button and off they went. So if your comment is not on here and you did so today, re post.

Riding The Bomb

Are we all riding the bomb and don't know it? This is worth a look and see, you have to watch it all, click on the link below:

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tractor Supply Company

Coming soon to Raton.... Hope they do a bang up business. I will be one of the first there to see what they have to offer. We should have seen something like this company coming. The seem to be expanding. I have seen new TSC stores in at least one town between here and Amarillo, also seen some in Montana a while back. And the Big R expanded to include a store in the old ALCO grocery store in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Raton serves a huge service area and I think they will do well. Good Luck.

Also on the "new business" front, the old unused filling station at the junction of I-25 and the road to Sugarite Park opened up as a Greyhound Bus Station. Good luck to them too.

We seem to have a spurt of new businesses opening up even as some old ones close up. That is the way it usually happens, we still have a ways to go to stabilize. But maybe the many pronged effort is paying off. Congratulations to all of the folks involved in those efforts.

I know that there are several groups working on this are have been the old city council. Keep it up, every little bit helps.

The Rulers Of Raton!

This is who in all reality rules Raton. Dogs, dogs by the thousands. Doing their business all over city parks and neighbors yards. The dog catcher is probably overwhelmed by the multitude of dogs roaming the streets. And Raton dog owners leaving their pets loose to do their thing on the neighbors lawns.

Responsible dog owners are there, otherwise we would have even more of these critters roaming the streets, parks and yards of Raton.

Maybe we can get some help from the sharpshooters who frequent the Whittington Center. Might help with the bears also now that I think of it. Maybe the deer too.

The "Osos" Are Back

They are back for the 2014 season. Good luck to them this season. If you have some time, catch a game. The boys of summer are back.
The local bears are also back in their usual haunts, the trash bins of Raton. Lets see what type of ideas Donald Giacomo and Ronald Chavez bring to the table. Maybe they can go pick up after the bears, lead by example. Time for them to do something. Annnnnd Sandra Mantz, lead, or get out of the way. Do more than sharing opportunities to present plaques to individuals and photograph opportunities.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Used The Opportunity To Highlight Her Family

Mayor Sandra Mantz used the ribbon cutting ceremony at the new Veterans Clinic on Friday, April 25th as an opportunity to highlight her family, to say, in essence, "my family has contributed". A bit on the tacky side for such an occasion if you ask me. While her family's service is certainly appreciated, the ribbon cutting should have been about medical care for American Veterans in general, not about the Mantz family's service in particular. The rest of the folks speaking were gracious, very much so.

View the video of the event here, thanks to KRTN.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lil Benny's Service On Second Street

Had some work done by "Lil Benny" at his place of business, the service station, on 2nd Street right here in Raton. I was pleasantly surprised at the service. Quick, friendly, done right and the price was reasonable. They have never tried to sell me something I did not need. I have been there before and his work has always been good. Go to him if you need work. I recommend them if you need work done on your vehicle. He does good work, at least he has done good work for me. He also provides other services. You can't go wrong with him.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

5 to Zip Votes

Not zero to 5 ..... but 5 to zero votes on the city commission, over and over again, a love fest to end all love fests. Sort of odd after all of the contentions of the past. Mayor Mantz has has divvied up the "work" of presentation of awards that the mayor presented in the past. She has a big heart to do this and share the limelight. So now we have the commissioners lining up to read the "proclamations" and making the presentations to the different groups every time the commission meets.

I will have to admit that Mantz is not acting like a spoiled preteen girl since she was named by the commission to be "Mayor". Maybe there is enough "air time" as the mayor that she does not need to jump up and down on the sidelines to get attention or to have something to say. She also does not have her cheering section. They have been absent for a while. maybe they all ended up at the Shady Acres "retirement home" playing bingo. They were all about that age.

One other possible explanation for Mayor Mantz modified demeanor is the video that is being taken and put on Youtube by KRTN. She probably goes home and watches it again and again. If so she would know how dumb she used to look and now can look at the video and make adjustments.

Chavez seems to be taking on the role of asking the questions he feels the audience does not understand or that he feels need further elaboration. He better be careful of this, some could take offence. Chavez may be asking the questions because he does not understand the discussion, but if this is the case we have problems. I hesitate to inform him that, regardless of what he has heard, there are some questions that are dumb.

Anyway, all seems to be hunky dory at city hall, and that is not all bad.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Another Idea On "Economic Development".

Click on the image to make it larger.

More on economic development, this time by the organization known as Grow Raton. They want "community residents who are willing to sacrifice their time to participate creating this Economic Development Plan". Well I am volunteering my efforts right here, no pay for this person, ink stains all over and without benefit of a single dime.

Clean up the town ought to be on the top or very close to the top of their list. And it is free, or as close to free as they will get. Have the city fathers and mothers commit to cleaning up the place. Now is the time, we have a new city commission.

Appearances in and around the community are impacts that folks look at. Folks willing to invest time and effort in the town. But if the city fathers and mothers are uninterested or lack the intestinal fortitude to act on it...... Well what can you expect? Raton needs bold leadership, I mean really BOLD.  And I am sorry to say that the mayor, the figurehead of our community, is not up to the task. The new commission probably made one of their biggest mistakes with one of their first votes, that of reorganizing. But we cannot say we did not ask for what we got. We, the citizens of Raton, voted for them, we ousted others, recalled others, let other snake oil salesmen sell us the puffery that is small town politics. This is the result. We may be over it, who knows?

Monday, March 31, 2014

Is The City Council Stuck And Not Able To Do Anything.

Maybe the city has slid into disrepair over so long a period of time and the city has done nothing to stop it over the same period that to try and stop the decay now is not possible. The city council has not enforced ordinances for so long that starting now would be almost impossible. Where to start would be the biggest question

They have not enforced ordinances dealing with pets. Just look at the dog problem. They have not enforced ordinances dealing with all of the stuff that contributes to urban decay. And they have not enforced them for such a long time.

I do appreciate Commissioner Chavez scrubbing graffiti of off the sidewalk in front of the post office. But what we really need is leadership that has the gall, the intestinal fortitude, to lead and enforce the ordinance on the books.

We will soon have a new city manager, will he get the tough marching orders the city needs from the commission?

Or will the confusion on the council continue unabated? Is it too late to start cleaning up the place? Will they continue on the path of useless "economic development" when what they need most is to clean up the town! They need to do it now, not later!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! Will it be more of the same?

The Raton City Commission needs to do something to show citizens it is different, if just a bit, from previous commissions. They promised to do something! They said they were concerned about Raton. Do something, propose something. Did you not have some ideas on what needed to be done to move the town forward? Or will you vote to do the same old?
There is so much to do to clean up the town, and it will cost nothing to take action, so do something. The citizens are watching and waiting.
The excuses for doing nothing are and will be many. But Chavez and Giacomo promised change. Promised action. Promised and promised. Now is the time to do something. At the very least they ought to garner 3-2 votes.

There is no better time to do something than the here and now.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

City Commission Meeting March 25, 2015... No Heartburn Yet.

Very "quiet" meeting. Even Mayor Mantz seems to have learned to behave and not grandstand. Trying to act grownup and not like an adolescent girl. But, and this is a big but, I am told that the old DREGS were no where to be seen. None, zero, nada zilch. Maybe one in the audience at the meeting, my source could not confirm that for sure. So Mantz has no one in the audience to grandstand for. That has to be good. Sparsely attended meeting.

The commission is again, or still, in a "training" mode, has been for a very long time. We have not had an up and running city commission in over 4 years. Too, too many changes each recall or regular election. This has kept the citizens with a "trainee" city commission.

Water conservation measures are being recommended by Raton Water Works, a small grass fire on the east side of I-25. News that the Economic Development Coordinator, or whatever his title is, is leaving the job but still wants to be considered for the city managers job. By the sounds of the fawning by current city manager Mr. Butch McGowen, he is his favorite for the position. McGowen could not say enough about him.

There was a report on the city trying their hand at code enforcement. I understand they had some examples of some action on this front.

All business coming up for a vote passed on 4 to zip votes, commissioner Fanelli being absent. Nothing even coming close to controversy. The city manager did make note that the city could not continue with business as usual at the Raton Aquatic Center. That the commission would have a tough decision to make. My guess is that they will shut it down for some specified period of time in the winter. Costs will not justify keeping it open all winter. That decision may be tough, but in these economic times that is the only decision possible, another 5-zip vote when it comes up.

The big tough votes will be associated with RPS, lets see if they go 5-zip. RPS bought and paid for the last election. We will have to wait on this. But we do know it will always go RPS' way, at least 3-5.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Vultures are Back!!!!! 2014 Version, Welcome Home

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They are back for 2014. Back today March 24th, finally. Roosting on the evergreens on the corner of 5th and Pecos. That is their home, nothing much can be done about that. The paragraph in red below was added in 2012. Am just adding this paragraph for 2014. And by the way, Says Phoebe's were here on Friday last. Hardy little birds.
Says Phoebe
This post was first used on March 22 in 2011. The birds were 3 days later this year, 2012. Probably delayed by the snow storm last week. They usually signal the annual spring bird migration but this time the swallows beat them to it. One lone swallow was spotted yesterday, March 24, 2012.

The Turkey Vulture is a native of New Mexico, but it migrates in and out of the northern part of the state. It leaves the area the last week in October and returns the 21-25 of March. These big birds are not as predictable as the swallows of Capistrano, but they come close.

Here in Raton they roost on a couple of very tall Colorado Blue Spruce trees on the corner of South 5th and Pecos. They are there every evening and every morning while they are in the area. I am not sure how the owners of the property feel about the summer visitors. But they are there.

There is no bird that flies quite like the Turkey Vulture, the ugly ballerina's of the skies. But they can soar for hours and hours. So as of today the Crows and Common Ravens no longer own the skies over Northern New Mexico. The Vultures are back.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Selling Your House In Raton

Costs, hidden or otherwise, with selling your house in Raton.

  • Real estate agents are a problem. No cooperation between them. It has been this way a long time and used to be a big problem when things were going good. Now they are that much worse. There are a couple of good ones but do your research. The cost associated with this runs to at least 5% of the value of the house. Add what they charge you to sell and list and you are talking upwards of 12%.
  • Junk neighbors. There are plenty, and these can detract thousands and thousands from your property. The more in the neighborhood the more they detract.
  • Junk/abandoned house next door or in the neighborhood. Ditto here, add about $10,000.00 per junk house visible from the place you want to sell.
  • Junk vehicles. Detract about $1,000.00 per vehicle visible.
  • Toppped or dead trees in the yard. At least $2,500 per unsightly tree.
  • Dirt front yard. No grass or landscaping? Deduct about $2,500.00
  • Dogs in the house, barking dogs next door. Same here deduct about $5,000.00 and even more if the house is being used as a kennel. Which many are today.