Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pandering, Pandering To The Different Groups By Politicians.

 Watch for political pandering.... Watch for it.

Pandering to veterans is number one, and veterans love it, they eat it up.

Pandering to minorities is another, here in Colfax County, it is mostly to Hispanics.

Pandering to miners or ex miners or ranchers is another local favorite group to pander to.

Pandering to law enforcement, senior citizens, gun owners, different labor groups, dog lovers, etc., etc., etc. There is really no end to what an enterprising politician can pander to.

And voters respond to "dog whistle" political pandering too. And politicians are expert at blowing the whistle.
Politicians know folks love to be pandered to. Just love it and politicians are born with a "pandering gene". If they are not born with it they acquire it soon after birth.
Politicians religious preachers and business are the very best at pandering.

I will address religious pandering in another post.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Steady Weblog Readership

Page views by day 5/16 to 5/23
Pretty steady readership with a spike here and there, Weekends are slow for the most part. I know the folks at City Hall check in and am guessing the folks at the County Courthouse will continue to grow. Still have one stubborn detractor who just logs on to call me names. I mean he does not like me.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Republican Pals Or Are Some Democrats Secret Republicans?

I had to change the heading on the weblog....

A screen capture from the Vicki Baca Walton For Colfax County Treasurer Facebook page.

What is going on here? A Republican running unopposed in the primaries for the Colfax County Treasurer not only attending Democrat Rebecca Hoy's meet and greet at Angel Fire but introducing herself and her "running mate" to area residents and enjoying some great food.

Is Democrat Rebecca Hoy a closet Republican? I know for a fact that there are several like this in Colfax County. I am glad I did not decide to vote early, I may have to change my vote if Rebecca is helping a Republican running against a Democrat later on. It seems like it if what the screen shot is what it seems to be.

Some register and run as Democrats because they see it as the only way to win in Colfax County. Here is why they do it....

The above is the voter registration for Colfax County from the New Mexico's Secretary of State's office. 53% Democrats to 31% Republican and 15% declined to state and 1% other. This is why some folks run as Democrats in Colfax County. Is Rebecca Hoy one of them?

We have had to contend with former Democratic County Clerk Rayetta LeDoux Trujillo endorsing former Republican Secretary of State and convicted felon Diana Duran in the last two elections. I have been supportive of Rebecca Hoy just because of this. Now it is back to the drawing board for this voter. I may skip voting for County Clerk all together.

Now we have Democrat Rebecca Hoy helping an insurgent Republican who is running against Democratic Candidate Kathy Trujillo? What is a good Colfax County Democrat supposed to think? I wonder what Democratic County Assessor and mother of Rebecca Hoy, Linda Gallegos,  have to say about this? Does Linda agree with it?

This is and has been a big problem for Democrats in Colfax County. Democrats helping Republicans get elected! I know politics make for strange bedfellows, but this is ridiculous, utterly ridiculous.

In the last general election we had Leonard Baca Jr., the son of former Democratic County Clerk Freda Baca run as under sheriff with the Republican candidate on the Republican ticket. You can't tell me they were Democrats. You can't tell me the under sheriff is, or ever was a Democrat. And I guarantee you he will be knocking on our doors one of these days running for sheriff as a Democrat.

Colfax County Democrats need to wake up, they are the ones electing Republicans. And the Democrats who are not Democrats ought to register with the Republicans.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Analysis: The June Primary Elections in Colfax County

I will skip the national races, my guess is everyone has made up their mind. Some will vote for the foul mouthed  reality star Donald Trump, though there are others on the primary ballot. Others will vote for either of the two Democrats, who are both well qualified, Senator Bernie Sanders or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. No real prejudice there on my part....

The only contested race at the local level that I am aware of is the County Clerks slot on the Democratic Party. The other races that I have heard of seem to have no primary opposition.
Rebecca Hoy
Rayetta LeDoux Trujillo

The Colfax County Clerk: This position will be hotly contested by current clerk Rebecca Hoy and former clerk Rayetta LeDeux Trujillo. I have heard that Clerk Rebecca Hoy has been out and about at several meetings in and around the county working the voters. Former Clerk Rayetta LeDoux Trujillo has been canvasing some of the neighborhoods. This has the potential to get negative, especially with all of the social media around. If it does the negativity will work against whoever it is meant to help.

Not a primary race - County Commission District Three, the this will be the battle of the Colfax County political party Chairs. This district has been electing Republicans by small margins in the past. I mean just a very few votes. So this ought to be an interesting race. There is no opposition for either slot in the June primary.
Jeff Carr

Jeff Carr - Mr. Carr is the present Colfax County Democratic Party Chair and is running unopposed for the Democratic slot. He is a school teacher and lives in the Moreno Valley. He was previously elected to and served in the New Mexico Public Education Commission District Three. His Facebook page is here.
James "Landon" Newton

County Commissioner and current Colfax County Republican Chair James "Landon" Newton is running for reelection unopposed for the Republican slot on County Commission District Three. There is hardly ever any Republican opposition in the primaries. At least I cant recall any in recent memory. Newton is the owner of Ranchers Supply in Springer, New Mexico and is also a licensed New Mexico Real Estate Broker. You can read his profile here.

The Republicans have two (2) folks running in the primary for the opportunity of taking Democratic Congressman Ben Ray Lujan in the general election. They are Michael H Romero running against Michael Glenn Lucero.

The District Attorney for the 8th Judicial District race is contested on the Democratic primary ballot with Paul Sanchez running against the incumbent Donald Gallegos.  Mr. Gallegos has had his problems with reprimands from the New Mexico Supreme Court for conduct unbecoming a District Attorney. I think I will give his opponent a shot at the position, maybe he can do a better job without drawing the ire of the NM Supreme Court.

The 8th Judicial District is also contested in the Democratic primary, appointed judge Emilio Chavez  is being challenged by Anthony Anaya. Judge Chaves was also reprimanded by the NM Supreme Court for the exact same reasons that District Attorney Donald Gallegos was reprimanded. Prior to being appointed to the court he used to work for the District Attorney. I will also give Mr. Anaya my vote for this position.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Public Schools Are The Only Hope For America And New Mexico

Private schools serve a purpose, maybe a real good purpose, but they are not the answer for New Mexico and New Mexicans as a whole. Private schools have never been the answer and they never will be. They have their adherents but those folks are very shortsighted and their goals are limited.

Public schools, on the other hand, server the general population, not just the few who can afford it. Public schools have the responsibility of educating all New Mexicans, not the few who would be allowed into private institutions. In short, public schools are the answer! Public schools are the only hope for New Mexicans. If public schools are not working, or weak in any area, we, the citizens are the ones responsible to step up and fix the problem.

It is up to us, the citizens to step up and fund the schools appropriately, up to us to insure the schools are staffed properly. We do this through our school boards. And it is up to all of us, not just the few to insure this. We have no choice, it is either this or an uneducated populace. If you home school or send your child to a private school it does not remove the responsibility of the maintenance of our public school systems.

Charter schools are a hybrid type of education separating pupils by design. Be that design to warehouse under performing students or peeling of the best and brightest.

Home schooling - No further explanation is needed here. Some folks choose to do this and it is their right to do so, but the public schools remain as does the responsibility of maintaining them.

The danger and the problem with any other model so far established or tried is that they siphon funds from the public school system. They siphon these funds overtly or covertly, either way they detract form the system that has evolved to teach the general population, all of the general population.

Some if not all of the folks proposing other methods of redesigning the public educational system have ulterior motives that may or may not manifest itself to the general public. These motives may be intentional or unintentional, it does not matter what they are, they are there and they are numerous.

The public educational system is the best system devised so far, warts and all.

Monday, April 18, 2016

KRTN And Prayer

Just happened to tune my dial to KRTN as the segment that has Mexican music was coming to an end this last Sunday and heard the disc jockey saying a long prayer for everyone in the 'listening audience".

Do listeners who like Mexican music want or need the prayers more so than the run of the mill listener? Or was the disc jockey trying to give his listeners in the "listining audience" a huggy, touchy feeling? Or was he sending a message that he is pious and or more pious than the rest. Or was he just ignorant and unprofessional? Who wants a disc jocky saying prayers for them on a regional radio show?

 They will be lining up by the thousands to hear him pray next week. They will be rushing to patronize the advertisers. Just what did those prayers accomplish? Someone care to explain?

Soon they will be asking for "love offerings" on KRTN.

But ole Billy D set the example. I just tuned it off....... he is taking full advantage of the lack of a newspaper in the area.... Ole Billy D did not fall off of the turnip truck yesterday.

Charter School(s) In Raton?

KRTN has a long article by Marty Mayfield on the issue of "Charter Schools" that is, or will be. front and center if Mr. Mayfield is in the know about the matter. Read the article here.
It is my understanding they are funded with public funds, the very same funds used for the Public Educational System. If this is so, in most cases I would say it is a bad idea for New Mexico and for Raton. We need the Public Schools to remain public and available to all. We also do not need another school for whatever reason here in Raton. The citizens have spoken loud and clear by refusing to pass the bond election in the last two efforts.
We here in the Raton School District cannot afford, nor do we need, another school. It does not matter how it is presented. Charter school, new buildings etc. We do not need another school. The system cannot support it, no matter what some think.
I don't know if the cartoon above is right, or just partially right, it is a concern because of what I have heard or read on the subject. On the one hand it seems like they tend to warehouse the students at the lower end of the learning/economic scale. In other cases they draw away the best and brightest. Either way, I am not sure it is a good idea.

There might be a situation, here or there, where a charter school would be justified. Maybe Albuquerque or Las Cruces. Maybe they can afford to siphon funds and other resources from the Public Educational System. In Raton, we cannot afford it.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Renaming Raton Middle School Or Renaming Russell Marcy Academy

This from the KRTN Facebook Page:

"Name (re-name) the School" Committee: The Raton Board of Education is asking for public input to possibly re-name Russell Marcy Academy (Raton Intermediate/Middle School). If you would like to be on the committee, please contact Ms.Walton at 445-9111 or sned an email to: karen.walton@ratonschools.com Deadline is 4/29/2016. Please leave your phone number as well as your name.

Some of my thoughts:

Personally it never occurred to me that the old Raton Middle School would have to be renamed after the consolidation. Was it  something that needed to be done? Now who came up with the name  of Russel Marcy Academy is another subject all together.  I do not understand why the name Raton Middle School was not suitable for the new configuration of grades after the consolidation.

Now it seems someone does not like the name they came up with and will do another round of thinking for a suitable name for the institution. I am pretty sure that they will not revert to the old name of Raton Middle School, it would make them look foolish. So they are inviting the community to come up with a new one.

Would Raton Middle School be wrong? Isn't it the middle school anyway? There are lower grades at other schools and higher grades at the high school.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Super Scam For Our Hispanic Friends

Click on the image to make it larger

This is a flyer I picked up at the Super Save Super Market in Raton yesterday. Nothing but a bunch of garbage meant to take the Spanish reading public for a royal ride. Talk about quacks, this guy literally has no shame making all of these promises. This Don Arkadio "El Botanico" will cure everything with a 1,000 % guarantee. That is right folks, 1,000%. Hell I could make money taking them up on it.

Don Arkadio "El Botanico" claims I may be a victim of witchcraft and not know it. But if I call 505-967-2921 Don Arkadio "El Botanico" will help me. You have to see to believe the flyer states. Don Arkadio "El Botanico" cures because of his knowledge of  the indigenous. Don Arkadio "El Botanico" always speaks the truth......

There is nothing impossible for Don Arkadio "El Botanico" OR for God!

  • No more suffering
  • No more tears
  • no more humiliations
  • no more sickness
  • no more lies
He can help with your luck, he can help you with bad habits, he can purge you of spells, any illness. 

This is just some of the stuff promised on the front of the flyer. The back has a laundry list of ailments in smaller print. Does not speak well of what he thinks of our Spanish reading friends in the area. I say Spanish reading because as you can see it is all in Spanish.

Don Arkadio "El Botanico" is available from Sunday to Sunday all you have to do is call to make an appointment and if you can't visit him he can help you "long distance". All you have to do is call. You have to confide in Don Arkadio, he is your friend in truth.

I wonder what he charges?

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Who Can Guess Where This Colfax County Tree Is At

Click on the image to make it larger

Who can guess where this tree is at? At the side of a paved well used road in Colfax County. A big attaboy to whoever can guess. It is one of the prettiest trees in the county.  It is on the highway right of way, so some idiot will never top it. Thousands of folks see this tree on a pretty regular basis.

The winner, if there is one, or more, will be announced in a few days, lets see what guesses we get.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Raton Roar?

Check it out.

The item below comes from one of our readers. "it is certainly not GoogleSites junk or another similar laziness." 

Ouch, that last comment hurt! Ouch! Ouch!

For comparison, here's a website created and maintained by the students at Raton High School. All content, the writing and photos, are student-created. The school year calendar is accurate and kept up to date. The site is well laid out and easy to navigate. And, as far as I can tell, the site is created from hand-written code; it is certainly not GoogleSites junk or another similar laziness.


It would be nice if you could post this link at your blog to give these kids some recognition for their creativity and hard work, and a bit of publicity.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Customer Service In Raton, NM

As far as customer service is concerned Ace Hardware is number 1 and Auto Zone is Number 2 are the best, the very best. The restaurants are ok for the most part. The Casa Lumas or whatever is called (formally Sands) took my wife's plate off of the table before she was done eating last night. Over attentive, we could not eat in peace, too, too many waitresses wanting to know if everything was ok. The Oasis restaurant is ok, I heard one of the waitresses making political jokes in there with one of the customers.
Some places like the one mentioned here:


Seem to want to chase customers away. I will say that the Mesa Pharmacy did remove the offending bulletin board. But it was up for an extended period of time, It used to be at their previous location in the Dona Ana Shopping Center.

I have had some auto work done at Lil Benny's and found them to be good at what I wanted them to do. I will give them my business when I can.

Business owners should know that customer service is number 1. Either that or they should not complain when they do not have enough business.
The Do It Best Center has a new guy there who is excellent at customer service. He has been very helpful when ever I have been there.

Some of the better ones ought to be putting on customer service sessions for all of the businesses in town.

The "Dollar Stores" are another matter all together.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Interesting Unedited "Comment" On Raton Schools From A Reader

I know Raton schools is a hot "contentious" issue. Lets see what folks have to say. I have not posted much on the school situation because I understand the nature of the issue and I do not want to downplay the efforts people have made.

Here is the comment ;
Anonymous said...
The first post is laughable..un-consolidate??? No the board allowed the schools to be closed (didn't blink an eye when they tossed out two other "excellent" principals,) and supported the consolidation of schools with little understanding the impact this would have on teachers and students.

RMA is a disaster, everyday a new crisis. Teachers there are in "survivor" mode...all the hard work of building teams, creating collaboration, working towards common goals...all destroyed by this Board (except Gonzales as he came on after the damage was done.)

My guess is they won't replace Ortiz. They will stretch the remaining principals to the limit, having them each take a school. It's clear that RMA needs more than one principal. Their answer will probably be a part-timer to help with both RMA AND RHS.

What's most puzzling is that last year this board closed schools, fired principals all in the name of the "budget". This year they hire someone who admits he does not have experience with budgets??? Wish someone could explain that.

This board does not have a common vision, thus Ortiz will be jumping through five different hoops trying to appease them all. He will need more than luck and McGowan. Maybe Terhune groomed him enough and taught him how to plow over people to balance a budget. He (Terhune) certainly did not care who he hurt or damaged all in the name of keeping the board happy. And the board supported all the damage done.

Still would like to see the savings the board has made since consolidation. No one thinks to ask that.

Raton Schools is just one more failure admist a failing public education system.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

So What Is It With School Board Member Kathy Honeyfield?

A quote from the KRTN article on the selection of Andy Ortiz as the new superintendent of the Raton schools. You can read the entire article there.

"Honeyfield also expressed her concern that Ortiz would not bend to pressure from relatives or friends to try and reverse decisions that have already been made."

What is it that Ms. Honeyfield knows that she is not telling us? Or is it sour grapes on her part as the only nay vote on the selection? 

Whatever it is, making comments like this to a reporter is not very professional. She should have brought up the concerns with Mr. Ortiz personally.

From our perspective we wish to offer our congratulations to Mr. Ortiz and wish him the very best of luck. He has a big job in front of him and we will be counting on him.

Also a very big thank you to all of the school board. Their work is appreciated. It is not unnoticed by the community at large.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Beggars Everywhere!!!! Get the Picture?

Everyone wants your money! Everyone! You think any of it helps?

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Who Is Running For What In Colfax County

Click on the image(s) to make them larger

Friday, March 4, 2016

What Happened To.......... Lots Of Questions?

The assisted living outfit that was trying to build here in Raton?

The mini brewery that was looking to open up next to the Ford dealership?

The restaurant that was going to open up on 1st. Street downtown, they did a lot of work on the building?

The 1950's themed restaurant that was set to open up on the extreme north end of town?

To the construction on the south I-25 exit construction?

If anyone knows help me out there, there are others asking the same questions.

On something of interest the McDonald's construction is going great guns.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The DA And The Judge

Disciplinary cases against Eighth Judicial District Attorney Donald Gallegos of Taos and former prosecutor Emilio Chavez by the New Mexico Supreme Court. Read all about it here:


Not good, not good at all. 
District Attorney Donald Gallegos

Both are running for office this year, Donald Gallegos for DA and Emilio Chavez for judge after being appointed by Governor Susana Martinez to a vacant position. 
 Former prosecutor Emilio Chavez

Breaking the law to uphold the law is not the way to do it.

I will leave it up to individuals if they feel comfortable voting for these individuals, personally I will abstain or vote for their opponents.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

No Change At City Hall, Not Even Close

No Change At City Hall, Not Even Close - All of the incumbents won, 2 unopposed, 1) Donald Giacomo, and 2) Neil Segotta and James Kennte Cruz lost big time to Linde Schuster. So all remain as commissioners. Stephen Draper, a write in garnered very few votes.

Giacomo - 448

Schuster - 373
Cruz -151

Segotta - 445
Draper - 13

Cruz was all over the two polling places yesterday with someone in tow taking pictures. He seems to like his image.

Draper is the odd duck in town that insists on giving Raton Voters a "choice".

Not a bad turnout when you consider that only one contest was really in play. Anyway, thanks for those who participated. It is not just anyone who actually steps up. 

Not a good thought about Raton voters

One odd thing that was noticed at both polling places, is the lack of information by local voters of the election itself. Several folks associated with the polling places indicated that voters repeatedly asked if this was the primary election for president. Some had no idea it was an election for the Raton City Commission.

One individual was heard outside angrily ranting that she was there to vote against Hillary Clinton and was very upset and vocal when advised she could not do so at this place at this time and at this election. She indicated that the fact she could not do so was part of the problem.

It is my guess that the amount of information of primaries, debates etc., on television had a lot to do with this phenomena.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Just When I Thought.....

KRTN was doing a good job, Billy D goes of on a "We are a Christian Nation" rant. On Friday, February 26th, while talking about the food pantry no less. About the "separation of church and state".

I just want to let him know how much this is appreciated by his listening audience.... NOT
He loves to throw in these pearls of his wisdom on occasion. He needs to realize it is not appreciated by all, and that some take offense. Others do not care about his political opinions.

If people want to hear/read more about local politics, they can come here.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Economic Development? You Want Economic Development?

Most of the stuff I recommend here can be done without much cost. But you do need community support.

Clean up the town, especially entry's\exits along I-25. The one on the Clayton Highway is the worst of all with the house belonging to one of our City Commissioner wannabe's.

Excellent service to visitors at businesses at I-25 and the Clayton Highway. This is a must, a real chance to shine. For the most part this is ok but when it is bad you lose visitors. They will not stop by again if mistreated at anyone of the restaurants there.

Stop topping trees. This makes the city look ugly.... Ugly with a capitol U. The City had some type of forestry group working in town. Put something in the Electric/water bill advising folks how damaging this practice can be. The practice of doing this:
  • Devalues real estate
  • Devalues the community
  • Costs and wasted money
  • Looks nasty
  • Hurts the trees themselves
Get rid of stray dogs and cats. Do something MORE on this. Especially cats now, they roam the streets 24 hours a day. Look at your yard after a snow and see all of the tracks and where they have disturbed the soil to hide their waste.

Paint the fiber board that cover the windows of boarded up businesses. This has always been bad and it is just getting worse with recent vandalism. The main intersection in town is boarded up on two sides. The old Kentucky Fried Chicken place and the old Chinese restaurant across the street.

Vandalism, Stop it - Getting to be real bad, vacant houses abandoned and vandals roaming alleys and streets and even busy intersections like the old Kentucky Fried Chicken location, doing thousands of dollars of damage. The city and police seem unable to stop this rampant vandalism, at least you do not hear about anyone getting caught. Vandals need to be apprehended and treated severely.

Utilize trash receptacles properly, don't over fill or stack old mattresses all around them. Fine law breakers, this is against city code. You know what I mean, just drive along any alley in town to see the code violations.

Get people to utilize our landfill instead of overfilling the dumpsters. There are idiots out there looking for dumpsters to over fill or places to dump their mattress or yard waste.

The bear proof dumpsters??? Where are they? What is the priority as to placement? Why have they sat at the city yard all winter? We are tired of talking about bear proof dumpsters. Here are just a few of our previous posts on the subject:




Every time the city looks the other way with code infractions it encourages more citizen disrespect.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Raton News And A Raton Community Kitchen

A community kitchen? At the Raton Convention Center, planned for this coming summer. I might have to try and do my Beanee Weenie Waikiki recipe. See how I can package it and get rich. My cooking is the only talent more conspicuous than that as a member of the fourth estate.
Just add a slice of pineapple to the above picture mix in some brown sugar warm it up and waaa laaa, Beanee Weenie Waikiki.
The local news is a bit slow here lately, that and KRTN is beating me to the punch. KRTN, Facebook, Topix and yours truly are it as far as news.

All kidding aside, the Community Kitchen is a great idea. Congratulations on whoever came up with the idea. I don't know how they will supervise this effort. Maybe a volunteer. And I do have a couple of recipes that some would like. There are some excellent cooks in Raton. Rhubarb pie?  Chokecherry jam? Something from the community garden? Pasties?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Readership Is Steady

Click on the image to make it larger.

This is about average here lately, sometimes a bit slow on weekends. But about 350 - 375 individual viewers. sometime the page views jump up, or down but the "individual viewers" climb slow, real slow but the trend is up. Not a whole lot of places to get news and less yet to get "commentary".

KRTN has ok news, better coverage of the area than just Raton. But the monitoring of comments would take too much time if they let them post randomly. But they are getting better. We have to thank them for the effort and like I said, they are getting better to the point of good. For the meat and potatoes of news about Raton go there.

Here on this weblog we post comments as is, with a few exceptions. I do know there is one person out there who does not think much of me. To him/her I say.... I read your comment and then delete it. The rest are posted as is and if the urge is there I may use it as an independent post.

With the exception of KRTN we are in a black hole of information on happenings here about.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Raton City Commission Election 2016, Vote March 1st

Note: We do appreciate everyone serving or attempting to serve. I have nothing against anyone. Just some thoughts on the current election. This forum does make me appreciate the Republicans and their "debates", a lot of nuts running there and a few here in Raton too.

A big thank you to the Raton Professional Business Women's Association for putting on the event and  KRTN for taping the event. You can see it all at the site below:


Neil Segotta - Sitting commissioner and ex mayor. Niel is doing well, lets keep him.

Donald Lee Giacomo - Sitting commissioner - Not doing too, too bad and no one is running against him, so it does not matter how you vote, he is our commissioner. He would have been vulnerable if someone had run against him.

Linde Schuster - Sitting commissioner. "Kenny" is running against her. I recommend keeping her on the commission. She is doing an ok job.

James Kennet Cruz - Running against Linde Schuster. "Kenny" is a returning native. We should thank him for running, but Ms. Schuster is doing well on the commission. Mr. Cruz can assist in the city some other way.

Stephen J Draper - Write in for District 5 running against Neil Segotta. Mr. Draper is the individual with the house on the Clayton Highway and I-25. Hate to be unkind, but Mr. Draper is just shy of being committed for for one thing or another. He does not make sense, he rambles and babbles a lot. I doubt he will get 15 votes, lets see. Seems like he is an annual candidate for one position or another.

Here is additional information:


Saturday, February 20, 2016

Colfax County District 1 Magistrate Court

Colfax County District 1 Magistrate Court has been a joke, read on below. Now someone gave the clerk an award. Maybe things will improve there, but it would take a lot of work. We need a new magistrate.

KRTN post on the Magistrate Court in Raton. Read it here:


Read our previous post on the magistrate court here:


Thursday, February 18, 2016


Damn, how many food pantry's/food banks do we need? I hear the churches (The Raton Ministerial Alliance) are getting together on this one, not just one church, but most if not all. Handing out food to whoever wants it at the old City Market every 4th Friday.

These folks for the most part are hypocrites, preaching against the government helping out those in need so they can do it with all kinds of ulterior motives. Here are some of those ulterior motives.

  1. So they can then feel good, it is more about them feeling good than helping people in need. Not all are like this, but most are. They enjoy having indigents out there whom they can criticize and then donate a can of beans. Makes them feel superior.
  2. Most of these "givers" love to have an underclass that they can frown on. The opportunity to actually get to see them in line waiting for a handout is just too big an opportunity to pass up.
  3. They are trying to get converts to their version of religion, in this case where they churches get together it means they are afraid of someone else. Probably Muslims in this day and age.
Most of these people will argue and preach against having the government help the less fortunate. The above reasons are just three. There are many.

For instance, as proof of their charity, ask them, go ahead and ask them, the givers, the servers at the soup kitchen if they will support a 1/10 sales tax for a community food bank. What do you think the answer would be? Ask them if they want more people to qualify for food stamps. What do you thing they would say to that? Ask them if they would support another $10.00 added to their property taxes to create a county food bank. See what they say?

For the most part it is not about helping the less fortunate. There are other motives out there, just below the surface, but they are out there.

Check the link below for further stuff on charity and charities.