Tuesday, November 25, 2014

More On Amtrak

The Raton Comet article on the Amtrak impacts.


I think that the whole thing is a bunch of hooey. Sure there will be impacts but nowhere as much as are being indicated.

Philmont will see zero, none, nada changes. They are overbooked to the max and those scouts will just drive. It is not like the Scout Ranch will go away if the train stops coming. Folks want the state to cough up 10 million dollars ($10,000,000.00) a year for maintenance of the New Mexico portion of the tracks that need work. This to bring boy scouts to Philmont. That is a few dollars per scout. A few dollars per scout that I am unwilling to pay. Send Raton their share of the 10 million bucks, we have better things to do with it.

Much to do about nothing, I do not think the governor will go along, I do not think there is $10,000,000.00 worth of slack in the state budget.

I think it it time we realize that soon, very soon, the whistle of the train will be nothing but a memory

Slowly, Very Slowly

Raton is still headed to hell in a hand basket. Everything is quiet at city hall, nothing new, nothing different, but it is quiet. So we are still headed for hell in a hand basket, just quietly. No one is making much noise.

Chavez and Giacomo are not doing anything that was not being done by the people they replaced. They are taking pictures while presenting this or that to someone or the other, but nothing, NOTHING, different. In fact I think that one of the most dynamic folks we have had was Mayor LeDoux. He is the one who quieted things down.

And Mayor Mantz quit grandstanding for the audience, seems to be acting like an adult now. The mayors gavel suits her, it seems to be what she was after. Just the right amount of attention that she does not have to act like an overgrown adolescent.

Councilor Segotta is playing it cool and the new person has yet to get a handle on the situation.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Not Necessairly About Raton, But????????

 How come when reading obituaries no one ever goes to hell? Huh? Explain that to me.

Everyone went peacefully to heaven or at least transitioned seamlessly into the spiritual world. Even atheists just go, no real mention that they just rot? Not even any mention by Catholics of anyone going to purgatory, Just folks holding hands with angles going to heaven.

I bet St. Peter guarding the gate of heaven is overwhelmed by the sheer number of souls flooding the entrance.

No one ends up in hell but a few historical villains we can all agree on. It seems like to me that if this were really the case heaven would be full and bursting at the seams and hell and almost empty. There would be more than enough water in hell for everyone there and everyone would be dancing around the flames.  Maybe there is an ex wife or husband there if you ask any of their ex's, but that would me the extent of the "residents" there.
A few years back there was an article in the newspapers about a family up in Rio Arriba County suing a priest because he even hinted at a funeral at the possibility that the "dearly deceased" might end up somewhere else other than heaven.

Personally I would guess that if, according to the obituaries, everyone ends up in heaven then the preachers, men and women of the cloth, would be out of business. Their scare tactics would be in vain.

An enigma in my book, this heaven and hell business. Maybe an enigma wrapped up in a tortilla. I will have to post the question to a "person" of the cloth.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

New Mexico Attorney Generals Site Related to Raton

New Mexico Attorney Generals Site Related to Raton:


Lots of interesting information here.

Thanks to one of the readers for the information.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Commerating Veterans

This monument rests in Ripley Park. It serves as a memorial to the Spanish - American War. 
How much is enough? I am just asking. How many monuments to our veterans do we build? Just here in Raton we have several and small towns everywhere seem to be in a race to create another one. It seems like veteran memorials allow almost anyone to jump on the "hero" bandwagon. It allows us all, if you are a veteran, to have people genuflect at our feet every now and then.

If you fit into one or the other hero categories that is fine, but being a veteran of one of the armed services allows all of the general population to be a hero. Not everyone can be a firefighter, police or heroic first responder, but most have the chance to be a veteran.

We have a new Veterans Park dedicated to our heroic veterans in Raton. Not a bad idea, the area where it was placed was not used before, at least used very, very little. And I am not really talking about the park per se, I am talking about the whole idea of heroes in general and veteran heroes in particular.

A good article on the new park can be had here at the KRTN website.

Here in Raton we also have the statue by Ripley Park of the woman saying good by to her son as he goes off to war dedicated to World War II veterans, we also have a "wall" at the county courthouse honoring the men who gave their all, we have the tank by the RPS building on south 2nd street, we have, or participate in Run For The Wall, we have the area around the Raton Welcome decorated with flags for veterans every time it seems appropriate. But we were still leaving out some heroes.

Not everyone was a veteran of WWII, some veterans never saw combat and/or survived the enlistment. What about them/us? There was no place where the general public could go genuflect and pay homage to them. They were also heroes.

We have veterans of every stripe addressing us and our children at every opportunity. If you ever served in any branch of the armed service and did not save a uniform you can don every now and then you are missing out on the adulation we give our veterans at every turn.

I sometimes wonder if all societies do this?

Heroes, Heroes, Heroes And Yet More Heroes. The John Wayne Syndrome

John Wayne syndrome is widespread in our society. People have made a draft dodging actor into a hero. Everyone wants to be a hero.

Us non heroes will soon be in the minority, we are close to the threshold of having more heroes in the population than regular folks. At one time we needed heroes for children to look up to, now we are over run with heroes. Police, city firefighters, volunteer firefighters, emergency responders all seem to be classified as heroes and there are lines of would be heroes lined up looking for work. Middle aged overweight bikers with a doo rag on their head and black leather chaps are also heroes, they do not just ride motorcycles, they ride to commemorate other heroes and this makes themselve be seen as heroes. Guys (and women) wearing guns in public looking for criminals so they can shoot them and claim to be heroes.

Servicemen, veterans of every stripe seem to fit no matter what they did in the service. People in the medical field are classified as heroes. School teachers, when not being vilified, qualify as heroes also. These heroes cannot wait to be pictured in the newspaper or better yet in front of the TV. Very few vocations are not heroes anymore, and those that aren't are working hard to be classified as such.

Some of these "heroes" can be easily identified by the number of pins on their baseball or cowboy hats, patches on their vests, licence plates or bumper stickers on their cars. To put the icing on the cake, a U.S. flag has to be at the top of the list. Put one on the aerial of your 1991 pickup or motorcycle and you are not only a hero, but a patriotic hero. Also shirts decorated with the U.S. flag qualifies. Sometimes all you need is a cowboy hat and boots. Tuck your pants into the boots for that little bit extra.
Don't you agree pilgrim?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

What Has Changed

What has changed since the new Raton City Commission took office? What has this commission done?

Nothing! Zip! Nada! Zero!

Where are the changes promised by Giacomo and Chavez? What about our puffed up mayor? Mantz has the gavel, what is she doing? Now we have another "new" councilor, what will happen now?

The city seems to be sliding down hill with the commission unable to do ANYTHING.

Maybe they can go into executive session and try and determine how to manage the decline of the city. They seem to not be able to do anything in open session.

And the new City Manager? The Raton Comet says he knows how to work, "like most ranchers". Yea right, ranchers know how to work! Are you kidding? Tell me about it. Drink coffee and drive around with the dogs in the back of the rusty pickup waiting for the next handout from the federal government for this or that problem "ranchers" experience.

But back to the city council, please advise as to what they have accomplished...  Poof! Poof! They seem invisible.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Where Will The Turkey Vultures Go?

The trees where the Turkey Vultures have roosted in Raton on the corner of South 5th and Pecos were being toppled, removed, cut down today. They will soon be gone.
Click on the image to make it larger

The roosting trees were the two large evergreens in the middle of the photo above. There was a crew cutting the trees down today. The person(s) living there must have had enough of having the vultures there six months out of the year. The vultures have roosted on these two trees for a long, long time. They do have a way of creating a mess and I really can't blame the owner for cutting them down. This is the only way to get them to move. And move they will.

I am venturing a guess that they will move to the next available tree. That available tree may be the Cottonwood right next to the ones being cut down. The owners may have to continue cutting all of the trees available to the vultures. We will have to see where they go when they return next spring.

The CCC drainage ditch, with accompanying trees, meanders through the neighborhood. Maybe they will find an appropriate tree to roost on in the area there. There are a couple of other houses with conifers that would do within a city block, maybe the vultures will go there.

This Raton mystery will remain until the vultures return next spring. Waiting with bated breath here. I love a Raton mystery......

Monday, November 10, 2014

New Business For Raton

Photo is from Google Earth Street View. Click on either image to make it larger.
Heard on the radio this morning an interview with real estate broker Jerri Miller that she is planning on selling a parcel of land that she owns to some developer who wants to build a high end assisted living place on Gardner Road and Turnesia Street by the old long vacant warehouse there.
She is looking for support as there is bound to be opposition to the rezoning of the property. It will be interesting to watch this play out. The NIMBY folks will be out in front of this is my guess, we will have to wait and see.

Personally, I think this is a great idea and a great business. Not only for Raton, but also for he area and location that this place is proposed to be built. I see no real drawbacks.

I will look for the petition being circulated in support to sign. Might be a good idea to visit with the folks on the Raton Planning and Zoning advisory committee as well as the Raton City Commissioners. This ought to be a 5 to zip vote in favor of the rezoning. It ought to be a unanimous vote for on the P and Z advisory board also.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Scene From A Mad Max Movie

The "new" dump (convenience center) in operation looks like a scene from a Mad Max movie. There is no pit to cover up, everything is above ground. We need to keep in mind that it is, after all, a dump. The employees at the city landfill/convenience center are some of the very best and do the best with what they have. We ought to be glad that it is really out of the way and not visible unless you are using the facility.
The folks in Raton are another story all together, we are not  noted for neat Midwestern type yards as it is. And the old dump was never fully utilized and my guess is that the new convenience center will not be fully utilized either. There are containers to collect recyclables, lets hope that folks use them a bit more.
Recycling in Raton is a joke, some folks try hard but the citizens seem to prefer to dump everything into the dumpsters or on either side of the dumpsters. Some folks seem to prefer patrolling the allys with truckloads of limbs looking for a dumpster rather than driving the mile or two to the convenience center.
The Raton city council put a lot of effort into the new center, there is an article plus associated video at the KRTN website, very interesting with lots of information.

Do your part and lets see if we can change the scene in the area.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick Or Treat, Halloween Quilt

Nice quilt and fits the occasion tonight. Be careful with the kids tonight, they will be all over town.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Might Shift Weblog To Quilting.

The politics has gotten a bit milder and boring around here and it might be time to shift the focus of this weblog to my other passion, quilting. Not exactly sure if I will and if so when. Will give it some thought.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Colfax County Politics "UPDATED"

Check this site out:

and this other site:

The Sheriff's race is getting interesting. An article in today's Raton Comet has a great in depth article on the Colfax County Sheriff's race between long time Colfax County resident and long time law enforcement officer Lawrence Trujillo on the right in the photo above and recent newcomer from Neveda and long time law enforcement officer on the left in the photo Rick Sinclair. On the face of it it seems like a toss up at this point. Mr. Sinclair is out and about putting up signs and meeting people. He will have a meet and greet on Saturday.

Mr. Sinclair is one savvy politician, something we have not seen here as of late. He went and found an "undersheriff candidate" Leonard Baca who is the son of our County Clerk, Freda Baca. This is in an effort to woo two distinct voter blocks with whom Mr. Sinclair would have had a lot of problems. The Hispanics and the Democrats. Mr. Sinclair knows he would have to get more votes than the  Republicans in the county if he even wants a shot at the position. He needs a few Hispanics and a few Democrats. Mr. Sinclair somehow convinced Mr. Leonard Baca to join him.

I am not sure Mr. Trujillo saw this coming. Now Mr. Sinclair has a person in the form of Leonard Baca who can speak to the Democrats and Hispanics one to one. Mr. Sinclair, a Republican, must have read up on some New Mexico political history. This will definitely complicate Mr. Trujillos efforts.

Some folks want new blood, some want local experience. Mr. Trujillo wants to change the whole department, sortta like a new blood candidate. Mr. Sinclair wants to just continue with the department as it is as he likes the way it has been working, sortta like an old hand.

Both have disturbing history, Mr. Trujillo was acquitted of tipping of a drug dealer on a pending drug bust. Very disturbing, even with the acquittal.

Mr. Sinclair has been a dead beat dad in the past needing to get sued by an ex wife to support his children. That is horrible for any man, much less one running for Sheriff.

Only in America ladies and gentelmen.

The Raton Comet. One Great Edition

The Raton Comet did one hell of a job on their Thursday, October 16-22, 2014 edition.  You do not see this type of reporting in a weekly, much less a free weekly. Good and interesting pictures, great in depth coverage of the Sheriffs race as well as one on the horrific gas prices in Raton, an excellent if a bit off editorial, good local cartoon, Some local interest articles about the Shuler and the local head coach. And to top it all of, a nice article about the Frank Cimino's

This is what a small town newspaper should be about. Better coverage of the issues than the old Raton Range.

I hope they keep this up, was getting worried with no other local news outlet. KRTN is an ok radio station, but not good at news reporting.


Monday, October 13, 2014

The battle of the political signs in the Colfax County Sheriff's race.... Who is ahead?

Both Lawrence Trujillo and Rick Sinclair and their supporters have been out posting signs. Who is ahead in the signs? My guess is Rick Sinclair. Signs do not equate to votes but they do give a person an indication of the effort on the part of the candidates. Here Lawrence Trujillo seems to be falling behind. Even on the East Side of Raton whee you would expect more Trujillo signs.

What is going on?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Colfax County Sheriff's Race Heats Up.

It's a heated race, or at least it seems like it. Signs for this political race are the only ones to be seen around town or the county. Not the governor's race, not the land commissioner's race.... Just the county sheriff's race between Mr. Trujillo and Mr. Sinclair.

Trujillo is a local guy living in Raton. Sinclair is from Springer, Both have been, or are, associated with the sheriffs department. Trujillo retired from there a while back and Sinclair is still employed there. I don't know much about either of them... Anyone care to elaborate? Be civil if you do.

I would ask them about the evidence room and the disappearing money. How many deputies do they have? How many patrol and where do  they patrol? What is the breakdown of the sheriff's office budget?

All in all this is an over rated law enforcement entity in this and many other counties in New Mexico. Quasi cops if you ask me. Not really needed when we have so many other law enforcement agencies, both large and small, out there. Maybe supervising the jail is their job.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

First Light Frost Today

First frost of the season.... Hoping we get a wet winter not just a cold one. We need snow, lots of it. Close the pass snow, close the roads to Clayton snow, no school snow.

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Allure Of New Raton And/Or New Mexico

Here is who might find Raton and/Or New Mexico a place to visit and/or live:

1 - New Mexicans/Ratonions who were born and raised here - They want to come back, if just to visit. New Mexico/Raton is home. Home is like no other place on earth to most. Something for them to do while they visit encourages folks to return for a visit or to stay.
2 - Cowboy/cowgirl wanna be's - The western states, of which New Mexico is one attracts cowboy/cowgirl wannabes and this is something else the state/region/city might cater to. These wannabes will travel a long way if you make them welcome. Dude ranches or something similar. Use "certification" as a New Mexican cowboy/cowgirl as a draw. Nothing out east like a certified cowboy/cowgirl. Pictures of folks with cowboy hats, boots and pants tucked in to the boots, priceless. If you want proof just look at posters of John Wayne, they can't keep them on the shelves.
3 - Artists of most stripes - These types seem to be drawn to the state and most any part of it. Taos and Santa Fe are not unique in this manner. The area in general is attractive to them and Raton in particular can be made to make them feel welcome.  A "scholarship" for a young person, an artist in residence for 3 to 6 months, for Raton would be a big draw and generate tons of press. Wouldn't cost much either if funds could somehow be generated. The lodgers tax funds? Just saying.
3 - Easterners who have the "out west" bug. These folks are sortta like the cowboy/cowgirl wannabes without the blue jeans, boots and cowboy hats. I have been all over the east, north east, south, upper mid west and they all stand in awe of anyone from "out west". Wherever out west is, we are there.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Raton Multimodal Area

Click on the image to make it larger

Here  is an old article from the old "Raton Range"on the design. Is it still the same? If not what has changed?

Here is a new article from the Raton Comet. 

Pretty hot item of discussion. Especially when you consider the following:

In other action it comes out that he city will rebid the multimodal bid as the one bid they got was $500,000 over estimates.
Click on the Image to make it larger and get a good aerial view

The area in question from Google Earth.

And The Dogs Won

I fought the law and the dogs won. In Raton, NM the dogs won and are the largest component of the town. 75% or so are owned by citizens and 25% are strays and about 85% of them roam around the town doing their business in other peoples yard.

We live in a town where you have to watch your step or you will step in it.... You know what I mean. Dog owners are the worst neighbors you can have. Leave their dogs out when they think no one is watching. You need to look very hard to find a responsible dog owner.

And not a few cats either. Between the cats and dogs they pose an extreme health hazard. They ought to disallow medical insurance to dog owners, they live in dog houses with who knows how many animals.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

More On The Raton City Commission

Lindè Schuster was chosen to fill the vacancy left by Jimmy Fanelli at yesterdays, 9/22/2004, Raton City Commission meeting. Fanelli quit the commission earlier. The other candidates applying for the vacant position were Chris Candelario, Ray Mondragon, Lee Phillips and Ira Simpson. Candelario seems to be a glutton for punishment having just been ousted in the last election. But I should not complain as we should all be glad five folks stepped up to the plate.

Lindè Schuster is new to me, but that in itself might be a plus for her. I have never heard of her and a quick internet search seems to indicate she is in the "medical" field. We will have to wait and see what others have to say.

There was really no discussion as Mayor Mantz made the nomination followed by Commissioner Ron Chavez and Commissioner Don Giacomo quickly followed her lead.

This is what was expected when Chavez and Giacomo were elected, a block of votes which would guarantee at least 3-2 votes on contested agenda items prior to Fanelli's departure. Now with Lindè Schuster it will be  4-1 with only ex mayor Neil Segotta remaining independent of the other 4 commissioners.

In other action it comes out that he city will rebid the multimodal bid as the one bid they got was $500,000 over estimates.

This is a huge waste of money as a multimodal facility goes, the train will soon be history through these parts. Not one chance in 50 that it will be here in 5 years. The facility might serve to clean up the proposed area, but do not anticipate to many modes of transportation there.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Earthquakes? Earthquakes In The Area?

Click on the images to make them larger
An article from the Albuquerque Journal on the effects of methane production in the area. This type of activity has always been controversial, not just here but everywhere it occurs. This is no different. Do people care? Do they care enough? How many people care? You, nor I, hear much about it, is the media looking for headlines or is this a serious activity? Is this an activity that should be of concern in the here and now?

Another article here.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Be Back Soon

I see where the school bond failed. What can I say, not a good time to even try much less to actually get it to pass. They will have to go back to the drawing board. Me, I am at the beach and will be back soon ready for winter.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Tractor Supply Store Opens Today

The Tractor Supply Store opens today, Saturday September 6, 2014, go out and check it out. Not the "grand opening" but it is open for business. No need to travel to purchase farm and ranch supplies anymore. I will go and see what they have and what they stock. Will be interesting. I have shopped their stores in other towns and was always well served.

I wish them good luck and may they make a lot of money and save New Mexicans time, money, effort and travel.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Information On School Bond Election

I see where the information that will come out on the election is probably out to the voters of the school district. Got a mailer with information, the same mailer was at a the All Seasons Restaurant and some other places around town.

No information what so ever on who the members of the "Blue Ribbon" group were. I heard a couple of name and they seemed like good choices to me.
Personally I am still not sure which way I will go with this. If I do not make up my mind soon I will abstain and let you folks decide for me. And I do not want a lecture that indicates that if I don't vote I can't complain. I can complain all I want, it does not matter if I vote on the matter or not.
Not sure if this will pass either, usually not many folks vote at times like these. Those associated with the schools will probably vote for and some anti tax types will definitely go to the polls and vote no. Who will come out on top is anyone's guess. I bet all of the students have had an ear full about how they ought to tell their parents and grandparents to vote for the bond. This tactic of involving the school children in these matters usually fail and sometimes backfire.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Friday, August 22, 2014

Still Undecided Here On The School Bond Election, But Will It Make A Difference?

I have not made up my mind on the school bond election, wavering one way then the other. But for sure the folks in charge have not made a decent case so far. And folks are already voting. It does not look good from my perspective, not good at all.

BUT my political and election predictions are not good. Seems like my crystal ball is made out of agate instead of clear mystical glass. Maybe that is good for the proponents. We will have to wait and see.

It is a big decision and I will wait till the last minute to vote, I need the time to think and see what other folks are saying.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Unedited: More From A Reader of the Weblog on The Raton School Bond Election

Raton, New Mexico's first school.

NOTE: Lots of Interesting comments so reposted today.

Anonymous said...
So I am an employee of Raton Public Schools and have been for a pretty long time. Additionally, I am a product of RPS. I've had the privilege to work in every building except RHS. The facts are: the elementary schools have served their purpose. They are nearly 80 years old. The school district has done a pretty good job of maintaining, upgrading and making improvements over the years. We have technology in many classrooms but not all. Some schools have more some have less. We are a far cry away from being 21st Century ready. We do have heat but nearly all teachers spend their own money to install an air cooler in their classrooms because August, September, April and May are very hot months, and none of the schools have air conditioning, except maybe one floor at the high school. The carpet that was laid many years ago in all classrooms is wrinkled, and difficult to fix without replacing it. Kearny has three windowless classrooms. Can you imagine being in a classroom all day with no outdoor light? Could that be conducive to a good learning environment? The walls are sinking, shifting; Kearny had to evacuate two classrooms a couple of years ago because they were deemed unsafe until a brace or some sort of false wall was built. And this was during the school year. Floors are not level. In one classroom a teacher has positioned her chair so that it easily rolls "down" to her storage closet, a few feet away. Take a look at our campuses. They look like rundown parks in an impoverished neighborhood. Those are some of the reasons WHY we need a new school.

No, there is not a full blown plan for the use of the remaining three buildings. They are historic buildings and will be assessed by historic properties as to what could become of them. No one, including the people in the schools, want to see these buildings destroyed.

Yes, your taxes will increase. However, if we do not pass this bond at this time, we will be facing it again in 5-6 years. I had hopes the last time that my youngest child would get to experience a new school. He was entering 1st grade the last time around. He will now be in 8th grade. My own kids will not benefit from this but the kids of our community deserve it.

Yes, it's true, enrollment is declining. However, don't the students whose families choose (or are stuck as one writer so avidly wrote) deserve the opportunity to have a state of the art facility?

Take a look around folks, Des Moines, Roy, Mosquero, Eagle Nest all have built schools recently. Do those communities value education more than Raton?

I overheard a comment by one of our maintenance personnel; he said that when down at a Santa Fe meeting with the powers that be, other districts were their vying for funding to build schools as well. The oldest schools that they represented were built in the 70's. That's our newest school.

Please don't be so closed minded that you won't at least think about some of these issues.

Who wants to move to a community where education is not valued? Come on folks, accept the facts, bite the bullet and vote YES for the kids of Raton. It might lead to greater things for the community. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

From This Morning's Albuquerque Journal

Click on the image to make it larger.

What does this mean for Raton? Anyone know?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Raton city commissioner Jimmy Fanelli is quitting the Raton City Commission after the August 25 commission meeting. Fanelli has been on the commission for about three years. Now the commission will have to name a replacement. This is too bad as it will probably start another round of contention in the effort to replace him.  He indicated that he had learned a lot while serving as a commissioner. He was not elected to learn he was elected to do something.

Sad to say that there is no leadership on the commission and Fanelli was no different. He cast a vote and asked a few questions. Probably the best thing he provided was some stability after all of the turmoil. Now that may be gone. We will have to wait and see. The leaderless commission will call for volunteers and then name one from the bunch. If they had some leadership on there they could name one without a long list of volunteers. No use waiting for that.

I do imagine we owe Commissioner Fanelli a vote of thanks.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Volunteers In Raton. Where Are They?

Volunteers - Where are they? Just think about it. Think of what we owe these folks.

1) At the hospital
2) At the city animal shelter
3) At the 3 thrift shops in Raton
4) At Grow Raton
5) Building Climax Canyon Trails
6) Assisting at county elections
7) Assisting at city elections
8) Little League Baseball
9) Walking for Cancer
10) Riding for causes
11) Young Marines
12) At the Arts Council
13) At the Raton Museum
14) Assisting with events
15) County fair
16) Catholic Church Fiesta
17) At Sugarite
18) With several service clubs
19) Other church(s) events
20) City Councilors
21) Driving for veterans
22) School board members
23) City advisory committees, several of them
24) County committees, several of them there also
25) At 4 city schools
26) At KRTN, several there
27) At the Shuler
28) Volunteers for political candidates
29) Volunteers at LDS genealogy center
30) Volunteer tax preparation for seniors

I may have doubled up on a couple, but I hope you get the picture.

Did I miss any? 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Another Good Response From A Reader.... All About Volunteers - Unedited

Anonymous said...

Dammit, we, who are the volunteers, do care but ……. We are and have been trying to make the assets of Raton work for the common good but we only have a few dollars and a few volunteers!

How many times do the blogger’s points need to be addressed by the present working structure? The questions that the “anonymous” blogger brings up are not new thoughts. The responses are not new either.

Specifically, web sites need to be staffed by money and/or knowledgeable volunteers. The service groups know that they need to have up-to-date sites. The people who have “offered” to keep web sites up-to-date have moved on. Without a person who has the skill to maintain a web site, the web site sits idle. The same “excuse” goes for marketing. Marketing is a time-intensive skill and task. There are no people who can handle this casually. We advertise to the extent that we can. We do not and never have waited until after the fact. The main media outlet is KRTN and Billy D donates monstrous amounts of time to these events. If people won’t listen, we can’t force the knowledge that there is an event, can we? There is advertising in the Comet but that isn’t free. There are posters all around town. Where to go next?

Please remember, these are volunteer groups. There is no “hiring” strategy to put experienced people in place to answer certain needs. We take what is offered. AND, I might add, the “general” volunteerism is very small for the total population of the Raton area. The events that are in play are put together by extremely dedicated people---but they are only a few and are overburdened. There is no waiting list of people chaffing to get into the action. All of the service groups beg for volunteers.

So, when you bring up the problems, please think hard about the solutions. They are not out of reach but there does need to be a constructive action not just a thought.

Friday, August 8, 2014

None Are So Blind As Those Who Cannot See

Click on the image to make it larger.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Thinking In Or Out Of The Box, It Does Not Matter, Just Think.

The Raton Oso's are history according to this issue of the Raton Comet. A two year run was all that could be accomplished by the team. It was a heck of a try on the part of the Pecos League and the city of Raton to assist with the efforts.  Sad to say the paying customers were just not there. Both the Pecos League and the City gave it the old college try.
Maybe the city ought to solicit ideas from the community on possibilities for some items that may raise revenue. Thinking inside or outside of the box. Not so far outside as the old city council hopeful Steven Draper when he suggested a "Jesus" theme park at the old La Mesa Racetrack. But ideas that folks may think merit.

One idea that I was thinking of, and it is not new, just adding to an old one. In the summer have baseball/softball invitational tournaments and invite communities with teams to attend and offer trophies. The "Coal Bucket" game between Raton and Trinidad comes to mind. Just make it more than 2 teams and make it in a summer weekend, the whole tournament could be played Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Go to the businesses that would profit like fast food joints, the dollar stores, the regular restaurants, the motels to pay for expenses and trophies. If a particular business might want to sponsor the tournament, so much the better.
Add the duties of "Raton Events Coordinator" to Jared Chatterly's job description, he is already the city’s parks and recreation director. If an incentive is needed add a few dollars to his salary. The Whittington Center has such a position, that would be a place to start and see how they do it.

The Raton Chamber of Commerce might/should be interested. Their stated goal is to help businesses. Hell add the duties to the Chamber manager or whatever they call the person who is supposed to run the show there.

This would be a place to use some of the lodgers tax funds.