Thursday, March 5, 2015

Where Will The Turkey Vultures Roost This Summer

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These trees at a property on the NW corner of South 5th and Pecos is where the vultures used to roost. They are gone now, the owner finally got tired of having them there and cut the evergreens and pruned back the cottonwood.

The vultures come back to Raton on the 21 or 22 of March every year, just like clockwork. They are the first in a long line of avian migrants to come to or pass through Raton each year.

I need to be specific as to the words I use or I may be misunderstood. I mean Turkey Vultures, not the lawyer kind and I mean bird migrants not any other kind. I do not want to cause anxiety in the vultures that reside here year round.
Anyway, back to the Turkey Vulture.... Where will they roost now that these trees have been cut and removed? The vultures have been using them as roosting trees for over 30 years that I recall. Where will they go? My guess is they will go to the trees which are in the drainage ditch behind the place where they had been roosting previously. If they need conifers to roost in then it is my guess they will choose the closest ones to the ones cut down.

Keep an eye out for them on the 21st and the 22nd of this month and welcome our friends back for 2015. I love to see them soar, for they really do not fly, they soar. They are ugly as sin, but they soar like no other creature can.

You can watch them soaring here.
© All rights reserved. Just kidding.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Yikes! From the Albuquerque Journal

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Not In My Back Yard, Not Now And Not Ever

The "high end assisted living" business proposed for the Gardner Road and Turnesia Street area in Raton is drawing the anticipated responses from the anticipated quarters. The home owners concerns are expected and as usual, unreasonable. The real estate and lawyer types are in their usual vulture like posture. A feeding frenzy type posture. All of this was and will be predictable as the lawyers and real estate folks milk the situation for all it is worth.
Check out our previous post on the subject here:

Check out the whole article here:

Good coverage by KRTN.
Looks like, from the report on KRTN that the city council backed up the ok for the assisted living structure/business from the Planning and Zoning Commission. If you view the KRTN video you will see lawyer and former city commission member issuing a thickly veiled threat at the commission as related to issuing any "permits" as they, the ambiguous they, will proceed to "exercise their right".

One thing that was "proposed" was a good idea, that was to put the facility where the old El Portal was. It would enhance the downtown area in several ways. But the location chioce belongs to the folks building the facility, not the homeowners in the proposed area or the city council.

This will be a goldmine, an absolute goldmine for lawyers and real estate agents. They are probably shaking, their toes tingling with anticipation of the business/cash possibilities this presents them with.
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Thanks to a viewer (comment) for information on the matter

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The City And RPS, Who Is In Charge?

In the last post on this weblog someone asked the question:

"Does anyone know why the city and/or RPS are apparently being sued by the Hartford Steam Boiler specialty insurance company?"

I for one will say that I do not know what is going on there. Maybe some other readers can enlighten us on the matter. Maybe this suit will shed some light on the incestuous relationship. Aside from that, there is no news on either the City of Raton or the Raton Public Service. I have always been uncomfortable with the "relationship" between the Raton Public Service and the City of Raton. The relationship seems incestuous, too cozy between them and RPS. And RPS is the one in the drivers seat. Ms. McQueary is the one driving this relationship and there is something going on. The relationship does not pass the smell test. Sometime in the future it, whatever it is,  will  all come out.

Maybe the Raton Comet and/or Ward Shrake will start asking questions and looking into it. Make some calls, open the cellar door, shed some light on the matter.

And what about the Raton City Commission? What is going on there? What is the difference between this city commission and the others we have had? Mayor Mantz quit grandstanding for sure. That is the only difference I can see,

And we know that there is a minimum of a 3-2 vote in favor of what Ms. McQueary wants/tells the commission to do. So there will be no change there. Both Mr. Giacomo and Mr. Chavez will vote with Mayor Mantz on that.

I think it is time to start asking questions about the Raton Public Service  (RPS) and the City of Raton as well.

Someone explain the relationship. Why is RPS, a city owned utility, in the drivers seat?

Monday, February 16, 2015


From the KRTN web page - "The public is invited to participate in a filming reenactment of the most important historical event to ever take place at the Colfax County Courthouse in Springer, New Mexico on March 15 and 16, 1885." 

Read all about it at the URL below:

I will venture a guess that they will have an abundance of hero cowboys and cowboy wannabes and very few women dressed in "period dress". Women were still expected to stay at home and take care of the household and their dress was for the most part very drab. I will also guess the the men will be dressed like Roy Rogers or John Wayne with an over abundance of fire arms.
Who wants to bet?

The New Mexico magazine better keep a lid on this "event" or they will end up with a bunch of right wing gun nuts armed to the teeth just to prove a point.

It has the potential to be a fun event if some of these nuts who live in our midst do not show up, but this will be seen as an opportunity to have another type of event.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Interesting Map

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Interesting Article on AMTRAK

Here is a slightly different view on the Amtrak question from the folks in Texas. Sort of interesting read.

I still do not see the current route survive. The Kansas and Colorado politicians are behind it but Governor Susana Martinez and the New Mexico Republicans are not behind the idea of New Mexico spending taxpayer dollars on this.

New Mexico Republicans seem to be after "hot button" issues that appeal to their base on the right of the spectrum.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Something We Can All Relate To

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A great new piece of art by Carl Swanson at Raton City Hall. Raton has some great art pieces, especially at the library, the art gallery, some places of business in town and the Raton Civic Center. Mr. Swanson is good at scenes depicting the local area.

Local New Mexican scenes where you can identify the landmarks in the artwork is great. Personally I love it.

Like some folks would say "que viva el artwork".

Friday, February 6, 2015

The "Hero Wannabe" Bug

The hero wannabe bug bit Brian Williams of NBC news. It bit him bad and he will pay the price for it. This is a very virulent strain that attacks a good portion of the American society. Everyone wants to be known as a hero or heroine. If they can't be one, they dress like one or they join a police department or "posse", a fire department or volunteer. There are many among us who have caught this bug.

Two local cases come to mind. One a guy who worked the NM Boys School and retired from there but wanted to be remembered as a cowboy on the TO Ranch where he had worked for a short time. His picture and "story" were on the front page of one of the local free papers a few years ago. He looked at cowboys as heroes and he put on a hat and got on a horse to be seen as one.

Another was a woman who sold everything she had back east and bought a house just the other side of the Raton Pass so she could fight the wildfires that have become more and more common in the area. She was overweight, unemployed and untrained and ended up losing everything because of her need to be a heroine. She figured she had a chance if she came "west" and fought forest fires.

There are people and groups who understand this need to be a hero or heroine by some in society and they take advantage of their need to take them for a ride or to further their own need to be seen as a hero.

You can see them out there, you can also see those who take advantage of them or use them to further their needs. Sortta funny if it was not so pitiful.

Sports draw a lot of these poor souls, as do the police and fire departments and the military. And today with the 24/7/365 news cycle looking for heroes many go overboard to get to hero hood. It seems to give these hero wanna be's purpose. They need to be acknowledged as heroes....

Former Raton mayor Charles Starkovich and Mayor wannabe Charles "Chuck" Henry fit this syndrome to a T here in Raton. Current mayor Mantz seems to have have reached her goal as she quit grandstanding. She is sitting on the hero chair with the gavel. Happy, happy.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Water and Wasting Money in Raton

Raton has some of the best water in the country. Thanks to all of the folks who came before us and planned for this day. The water tastes good, there is plenty of it and it is worth it's weight in gold.

Yet you see people spending hundreds of dollars on bottled water. What gives? Do they mistrust the city water? What did they drink before bottled water became a multi billion dollar industry? They must not have anything better to do with their money.

We blogged yesterday of money, or lack thereof, in Raton. Well a whole slew of folks are dumping theirs on stuff that is available for free..... Like bottled water. It seems like a waste to me, I am not sure what others think.

Snake oil salesmen are gone, but there is always bottled water on the shelves at most stores. Wanna waste your money?

Some well intended advice to Ratonions, stop wasting your money

Friday, January 23, 2015

Feel Good Charity(s)

There is an over abundance of feel good charities and charity causes out there. Thousands upon thousands of sites, churches, organizations etc., looking for your money and other "things" ranging from coats to toys for the needy. They are especially prevalent at Christmas, Thanksgiving and after some type of disaster. You see them everywhere, on television, most local churches and in front of Walmart ringing bells and asking for your money. The bottom line is they want your money and in return you can pretend you "helped".

They are great at soothing the need on the part of some people to help out those most in need. The people/organizations know of this need on your part and the knowledge also exists on their part that they can use it to part you from your money.
These charities take advantage of both the needy and the folks who like to give a buck or two or a coat or toy. Do you know what they get? They get you and whoever contributes to their causes. They get you to watch their channel and they get you to attend their church. Anyway, that is the reason for their charity. They don't give a damn about the status of society at large. Their end goal is money in the collection box, viewers or readers which increase their revenues.

But they do very little when you look at the scope of the problem. They do very little for the root causes of the many problems. Those can only be addressed by governments who have no ulterior motives, whose motives are to help all of their citizens.

The problem can best be addressed by the city, county, state and federal governments. But do you think this will actually ever happen? No, no it won't, the very same people searching for money and those giving refuse to pay a few extra bucks in taxes to help their neighbors.

Giving a coat or toy or a five dollar bill will have to suffice.

The commercials dealing with some of these charities are despicable. Here are some from the weblog "Only in New Mexico".

Some redneck crooner is telling us to give money to the Wounded Warriors charity.  Another commercial is from a large law firm that want to represent the veterans who want disability payments.  A TV News story features a charity run by a priest that makes veterans into bakery cooks.

What is missing here?  Any explanation on how the United States was able to spend one trillion on a war with out spending adequately on returning human wreckage from the 'war for profit.'  Why is the government relying on charity to take care of veterans?  Because spending money on that doesn't give wartime profits to the defense industry and the likes of Blackstone mercenaries.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Amtrak News On The Santa fe New Mexican

Read about it here;

At the Santa Fe New Mexican

Republicans can be counted to vote against this.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Friday, January 16, 2015

I Think Facebook Is It

I think "Facebook" is the way most folks get news that is closer to home. And Raton is "closer to home" for everyone. News of Raton will not really show up on TV or the big newspapers, the Raton Comet is ok, but it is my guess most folks around here log in to Facebook 2-3 times a day. Their Facebook page  probably has a lot of folks looking, as does KRTN's page. I may create a Facebook page and see if I can link it to this weblog.

The readership here on the weblog is sometimes steady, sometimes low and sometimes it spikes. It was steady most of the year and then low over the holidays, then it has been spiking upwards since the new year. Who knows why the fluctuations, but they are there.

I use 3 of Googles gadgets to track visitors etc here. They seem pretty reliable and give me an idea not only how many, but what content the readers are accessing.

Just a thought is that folks making comments need to keep it clean, if not sane, otherwise I will not post the responses. I have pitched three in the wastebasket that were just a bit over "my line". Keep it civil and I will not do any censoring.

Keep the comments coming, I am sure a lot log on here just to see what it is you have to say.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

How About A Good Green Chile Burger (With or Without Cheese) In Raton

We need a good and big green chile hamburger and a green chile cheese burger in Raton. Everyone else in the state has them, many places in Colorado have them and I have seen or heard of other places in other states. Yet Raton does not have one..... Or if there is a place that serves them I am unaware of it. I do not mean a hamburger/cheeseburger with a side of green chile, I mean a hamburger/cheeseburger with green chile.

And advertise it, have the hamburger/cheeseburger with an option of mild and hot green chile.

Not complaining about the eateries in Raton, we have some excellent ones. But a good green chile hamburger/cheeseburger? I personally don't know of one.

And I mean green chile, not jalapenos.....

And put a sign outside of the restaurant advertising the best green chile cheeseburger in the state, bar none. I will personally vouch that it is the best in the state.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The New Day For News, Especially Small Town News, Fragmented Media

Like Ann Curry said today's "media is fragmented" to say the very least and so is the way the public gets it's news. Especially in a town with no daily.

The internet with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, chat rooms and other social media.  And then there are weblogs and "home pages". The telephone of old is on it's way out or will survive in some altered mode. It is a different situation in the 21st century, totally different. And it seems that every one of these outlets for news has it's own adherents.

There is still television, newspapers and radio, all of the old standbys. But there is no doubt it is a new day. News, real and not so real news is all over the place. Hardly anything happens that is not on the internet within seconds.

So what role do these old standbys play in the new day? Is the newspaper relegated to the classifieds and the advertising of the city? Do the TV station hire good looking "barkers" giving you yesterdays Youtube video and sensationalizing everything. The radio is a bit different but very much changed in this arena. Just look at KRTN.

And the internet in it's present form will be here but for just a bit.....

I don't know the answer, I am just asking...

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Of Interest To The Local Reader

Here are some ideas for the Raton Comet. Just a few, for additional stuff just look at some of the comments on other posts on this weblog. I do not mean to sound disrespectful, I bet we all appreciate the Comet, we know it is new, we know it is free and we have a vague idea of the problems associated with publishing a newspaper. We were here when the Raton Range went under and we felt the lack of information associated with not having a town newspaper.

Check out and write about the City Commission, the County Commission, the Colfax County Sheriff's Office, The Raton Police Department, The Raton Fire Department, the Raton Public Service, the Raton Water Works, Sugarite State Park anyone of the numerous advisory committees working in the area, the Chamber of Commerce etc., etc.

The majority of citizens and/or voters have no means to attend any of the meetings by these public or semi public entities. They (Raton Public Service for one) operate in the shadows only coming into the light when their existence is questioned or they feel threatened. The citizen/taxpayer is interested because in one for or another we pay for these groups and we seem to lose track of their activities until something happens.

Stop the frequent human interest stories and do an in depth look on one or more of the above. Not only would the article be interesting but they are our servants. KRTN does not have the know how nor resources to do this, this weblog cannot do it, like Superman, I have to keep my identity secret. Only a true news organization has the responsibility, know how and means of doing these types of articles interviews.

As it is we find ourselves scurrying all over looking for information. Standing in front of the Post Office.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Dearth Of News For Raton

A tough deal trying to get news about Raton. The Comet is not doing it, the paper is getting smaller and smaller and lots of "human interest" articles but no real timely news. KRTN is not much help as far as news go and this blogger has no place to go for information.

The New Mexico TV stations barely cover the area and the Albuquerque Journal and Santa Fe New Mexican are not even sold here.

Maybe no news is good news. The city council can operate with a minimum of oversight from the citizens and no one is writing letters to the editor as human interest articles are not that interesting by themselves. Readers will fall asleep reading them after a while.

But we are not alone, many other small towns in the inland west are in the same boat. If you don't believe it try and get news for Trinidad or some other small towns.

A good book that has a lot of insights into the dilemma small towns in the inland west face is titled "High Country, The Rocky Mountain West" written by Virginia Weisel Johnson. This lady nailed our woes and she did it a long time ago. The book clearly points out the problems being experienced by small towns all over the inland west. If you can find a copy, it is an enlightening read. And it was written in 1972.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Raton Police Chief Applicants, 2015

Ward Shrake said...

Here's the list of candidates for the job of Raton's Police Chief. I got this information directly from the city clerk, Tricia Gardia, via an IPRA request.

Police Chief Applicants
December 5, 2014

1. John D. Garcia
Raton, NM 87740

2. Steve A. Marquez, Jr.
Raton, NM 87740

3. Victor J. Rodriguez
Rio Rancho, NM 87144

4. Aaron D’Mize
Fowler, CO 81039

5. Roderick A. (Rod) Saint
Albuquerque, NM 87114

6. James W. Perdue
Albuquerque, NM 87111

7. Matthew F. Vigil
Taos, NM 87571

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

District Attorney Article From the Abq Journal

Speaks for itself
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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Political Changes In Colfax County

Click on the image to make it larger, this is the County Clerk in red and her deputy in blue plus the remainder of the Colfax County Clerks office staff.

Big changes could be in store for us in the 2016 statewide elections as a result of what has been happening here lately as related to the Colfax County Clerk and Colfax County Clerk's office.

By lately I mean since the 2008 election when our very own Democrat and at the time County Clerk Rayetta Trujillo endorsed, and probably voted for, Republican Diana Duran over the incumbent Democrat Mary Herrera for the New Mexico Secretary of State office. This switch, while passing by unnoticed at the time, may have been the beginning of the end for the Democratic hold on the County Clerks office in Colfax County. It may signal the beginning of the end for Colfax County as a Democrat County period.

The Democrats may be lucky if the clerks office is the only office affected by the comings and goings there.

Back then, in 2008 then County Clerk Rayetta Trujillo not only backed the Republican for Secretary of State but we have to remember that in 2006 Rayetta Trujillo hired Freda Baca and then in 2007 appointed her as her Deputy County Clerk.

To complicate matters a bit for readers we fast forward to 2012 when Freda Baca won the election for Colfax County Clerk and then appointed outgoing Clerk Rayetta Trujillo as HER deputy. Get ready for more confusion when we again fast forward to the November 2014 general election.

This last election we had a convoluted situation as related to the race for Sheriff here in Colfax County. The son of current County Clerk Freda Baca, Leonard Baca, ran with Republican Rick Sinclair for the office of County Sheriff and under sheriff. Rick Sinclair and Leonard Baca were very active at functions all over the county promoting their run for the office.

Rick Sinclair/Leonard Baca were running against Democrat Leonard Trujillo. Now Leonard Trujillo is not only a retired former deputy sheriff and perpetual candidate for Colfax County Sheriff but he is also the husband of former County Clerk and current deputy County Clerk Rayetta Trujillo.

Consider this, even the past Colfax County Democratic Chair had a Republican Sinclair/Baca for sheriff sign in his front yard, a big one too

Are you dizzy yet.......

Now in December we find out that the November general election was not only mishandled by the Colfax County Clerk's office but it was grossly mishandled. This mishandling may require a total recount of several if not all of the ballots cast countywide. That will cost money.

How could this happen? The folks providing the computer services to the clerks office is probably one culprit, but the main responsibility rests with the Colfax County Clerk Freda Baca herself.

NOTE: More on this matter on another post..... To be continued

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Not Good, Not Good At All

Click on the image to make it larger.
Article above is from the 12/20/2014 Albuquerque Journal.

This is not good, Colfax County has had an excellent record as related to elections in the past. The County Clerk (Freda Baca) needs to take responsibility and explain the errors. Recounting will show where the errors occurred. it may be necessary to reconvene the election judges, clerks etc., to do this. But she better do this.

Mistakes will happen but incompetence on the part of the County Clerk, her office or polling place officials should not be tolerated. Recount and explain.

The Clerk, Freda Baca, her Deputy Clerk Rayetta Trujillo and the County Clerks staff need to fix the problem, explain what happened to the public. If they don't their credibility will go down the tubes. Click on the link below for the Colfax County Clerks office page.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Raton School Consolidation, Or Not?

Read about it here at the Raton Comet, or here at the Raton Public School site.

You want to know what I think? I think the school superintendent and the Raton School Board went about this all wrong. We have voted on this two times now, each time the bond measure failed. Both times have been since the "great recession" started in late 2007 early 2008. The money is not to be had, the folks in Raton are just tired of voting again and again on raising their taxes.

They are just tired of it.

The school superintendent and the Raton School Board should have had all of their ducks lined up before the bond election. They should already have thought out the consolidation prior to going to the public with the proposed bond election and explained that to the public then.

As it turns out they did it in reverse and lost, it was really a foregone conclusion. Who really knows what the schools will look like in 10 years.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

District Attorney Donald Gallegos

Our District Attorney, Donald Gallegos, is in hot water, no two ways about it. He and at least one of his cohorts are accused of some pretty serious stuff.

Reference the article here at the Taos News. The whole sordid mess is documented here. There is also a pretty good write up in this weeks hard copy edition of the Raton Comet, none on its electronic version.

"The hearings will concern charges filed with the disciplinary board in October against district attorney Donald Gallegos and prosecutor Emilio Chávez alleging they used legally dubious subpoenas to gather evidence during numerous investigations in 2012 and 2013".

It will be interesting to see what the New Mexico Supreme Court’s Disciplinary Board comes up with when they meet on the matter.

My guess is that this will go on and on and if anything ever comes of it it will be a long time from now.

He was on KRTN the other day and was indicating that it was not a big deal. It is a big deal, even if he is found to have done nothing wrong, it is still a big deal.

Either way, his actions continue a long list of misconduct by law enforcement folks and agencies all across this land. They erode the public's confidence in law enforcement, and that is never good.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Red High Heels in Raton!

The well-heeled Marilyn Monroe once said if you give a girl the right shoes, she can conquer the world.

She was probably right, saw a woman wearing heels almost like these at Bells the other day. There were several mesmerized folks around. Someone said they were shoes for the night job the woman has, jealousy on their part I think.

A couple of men seem hypnotized......

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lynette at the horseraces

Funny, have a nice thanksgiving

Raton Needs a Leader

There are and have been plenty of doers on the Raton City Council, People who do what councilors are supposed to do. Some are and have been good, some not so good and yet others have been worthless. The current crop seems to be cut from the same cloth.

What Raton needs is a LEADER, a leader with thick skin. I am afraid that there may be none to be had. It is not unusual for smaller communities to be unable to produce such a person. These folks with leadership qualities are not everywhere, some communities just lack people with there traits. Communities can survive with run of the mill "leaders" in good times, it is another thing all together when times are tough. And times in Raton and other small towns are tough today. In Raton they have been tough for a long spell.

We, who live here, have gone through one rough stretch after another. The closing of the race track, the closing of the mines, the great recession, etc. It has been hard for the community to recover from one blow when the next one arrives.

But, and this is a big but, we do have many, many qualities that could attract folks. We need the leadership who can see these qualities and work to enhance our position.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

More On Amtrak

The Raton Comet article on the Amtrak impacts.

I think that the whole thing is a bunch of hooey. Sure there will be impacts but nowhere as much as are being indicated.

Philmont will see zero, none, nada changes. They are overbooked to the max and those scouts will just drive. It is not like the Scout Ranch will go away if the train stops coming. Folks want the state to cough up 10 million dollars ($10,000,000.00) a year for maintenance of the New Mexico portion of the tracks that need work. This to bring boy scouts to Philmont. That is a few dollars per scout. A few dollars per scout that I am unwilling to pay. Send Raton their share of the 10 million bucks, we have better things to do with it.

Much to do about nothing, I do not think the governor will go along, I do not think there is $10,000,000.00 worth of slack in the state budget.

I think it it time we realize that soon, very soon, the whistle of the train will be nothing but a memory

Slowly, Very Slowly

Raton is still headed to hell in a hand basket. Everything is quiet at city hall, nothing new, nothing different, but it is quiet. So we are still headed for hell in a hand basket, just quietly. No one is making much noise.

Chavez and Giacomo are not doing anything that was not being done by the people they replaced. They are taking pictures while presenting this or that to someone or the other, but nothing, NOTHING, different. In fact I think that one of the most dynamic folks we have had was Mayor LeDoux. He is the one who quieted things down.

And Mayor Mantz quit grandstanding for the audience, seems to be acting like an adult now. The mayors gavel suits her, it seems to be what she was after. Just the right amount of attention that she does not have to act like an overgrown adolescent.

Councilor Segotta is playing it cool and the new person has yet to get a handle on the situation.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Not Necessairly About Raton, But????????

 How come when reading obituaries no one ever goes to hell? Huh? Explain that to me.

Everyone went peacefully to heaven or at least transitioned seamlessly into the spiritual world. Even atheists just go, no real mention that they just rot? Not even any mention by Catholics of anyone going to purgatory, Just folks holding hands with angles going to heaven.

I bet St. Peter guarding the gate of heaven is overwhelmed by the sheer number of souls flooding the entrance.

No one ends up in hell but a few historical villains we can all agree on. It seems like to me that if this were really the case heaven would be full and bursting at the seams and hell and almost empty. There would be more than enough water in hell for everyone there and everyone would be dancing around the flames.  Maybe there is an ex wife or husband there if you ask any of their ex's, but that would me the extent of the "residents" there.
A few years back there was an article in the newspapers about a family up in Rio Arriba County suing a priest because he even hinted at a funeral at the possibility that the "dearly deceased" might end up somewhere else other than heaven.

Personally I would guess that if, according to the obituaries, everyone ends up in heaven then the preachers, men and women of the cloth, would be out of business. Their scare tactics would be in vain.

An enigma in my book, this heaven and hell business. Maybe an enigma wrapped up in a tortilla. I will have to post the question to a "person" of the cloth.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

New Mexico Attorney Generals Site Related to Raton

New Mexico Attorney Generals Site Related to Raton:

Lots of interesting information here.

Thanks to one of the readers for the information.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Commerating Veterans

This monument rests in Ripley Park. It serves as a memorial to the Spanish - American War. 
How much is enough? I am just asking. How many monuments to our veterans do we build? Just here in Raton we have several and small towns everywhere seem to be in a race to create another one. It seems like veteran memorials allow almost anyone to jump on the "hero" bandwagon. It allows us all, if you are a veteran, to have people genuflect at our feet every now and then.

If you fit into one or the other hero categories that is fine, but being a veteran of one of the armed services allows all of the general population to be a hero. Not everyone can be a firefighter, police or heroic first responder, but most have the chance to be a veteran.

We have a new Veterans Park dedicated to our heroic veterans in Raton. Not a bad idea, the area where it was placed was not used before, at least used very, very little. And I am not really talking about the park per se, I am talking about the whole idea of heroes in general and veteran heroes in particular.

A good article on the new park can be had here at the KRTN website.

Here in Raton we also have the statue by Ripley Park of the woman saying good by to her son as he goes off to war dedicated to World War II veterans, we also have a "wall" at the county courthouse honoring the men who gave their all, we have the tank by the RPS building on south 2nd street, we have, or participate in Run For The Wall, we have the area around the Raton Welcome decorated with flags for veterans every time it seems appropriate. But we were still leaving out some heroes.

Not everyone was a veteran of WWII, some veterans never saw combat and/or survived the enlistment. What about them/us? There was no place where the general public could go genuflect and pay homage to them. They were also heroes.

We have veterans of every stripe addressing us and our children at every opportunity. If you ever served in any branch of the armed service and did not save a uniform you can don every now and then you are missing out on the adulation we give our veterans at every turn.

I sometimes wonder if all societies do this?

Heroes, Heroes, Heroes And Yet More Heroes. The John Wayne Syndrome

John Wayne syndrome is widespread in our society. People have made a draft dodging actor into a hero. Everyone wants to be a hero.

Us non heroes will soon be in the minority, we are close to the threshold of having more heroes in the population than regular folks. At one time we needed heroes for children to look up to, now we are over run with heroes. Police, city firefighters, volunteer firefighters, emergency responders all seem to be classified as heroes and there are lines of would be heroes lined up looking for work. Middle aged overweight bikers with a doo rag on their head and black leather chaps are also heroes, they do not just ride motorcycles, they ride to commemorate other heroes and this makes themselve be seen as heroes. Guys (and women) wearing guns in public looking for criminals so they can shoot them and claim to be heroes.

Servicemen, veterans of every stripe seem to fit no matter what they did in the service. People in the medical field are classified as heroes. School teachers, when not being vilified, qualify as heroes also. These heroes cannot wait to be pictured in the newspaper or better yet in front of the TV. Very few vocations are not heroes anymore, and those that aren't are working hard to be classified as such.

Some of these "heroes" can be easily identified by the number of pins on their baseball or cowboy hats, patches on their vests, licence plates or bumper stickers on their cars. To put the icing on the cake, a U.S. flag has to be at the top of the list. Put one on the aerial of your 1991 pickup or motorcycle and you are not only a hero, but a patriotic hero. Also shirts decorated with the U.S. flag qualifies. Sometimes all you need is a cowboy hat and boots. Tuck your pants into the boots for that little bit extra.
Don't you agree pilgrim?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

What Has Changed

What has changed since the new Raton City Commission took office? What has this commission done?

Nothing! Zip! Nada! Zero!

Where are the changes promised by Giacomo and Chavez? What about our puffed up mayor? Mantz has the gavel, what is she doing? Now we have another "new" councilor, what will happen now?

The city seems to be sliding down hill with the commission unable to do ANYTHING.

Maybe they can go into executive session and try and determine how to manage the decline of the city. They seem to not be able to do anything in open session.

And the new City Manager? The Raton Comet says he knows how to work, "like most ranchers". Yea right, ranchers know how to work! Are you kidding? Tell me about it. Drink coffee and drive around with the dogs in the back of the rusty pickup waiting for the next handout from the federal government for this or that problem "ranchers" experience.

But back to the city council, please advise as to what they have accomplished...  Poof! Poof! They seem invisible.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Where Will The Turkey Vultures Go?

The trees where the Turkey Vultures have roosted in Raton on the corner of South 5th and Pecos were being toppled, removed, cut down today. They will soon be gone.
Click on the image to make it larger

The roosting trees were the two large evergreens in the middle of the photo above. There was a crew cutting the trees down today. The person(s) living there must have had enough of having the vultures there six months out of the year. The vultures have roosted on these two trees for a long, long time. They do have a way of creating a mess and I really can't blame the owner for cutting them down. This is the only way to get them to move. And move they will.

I am venturing a guess that they will move to the next available tree. That available tree may be the Cottonwood right next to the ones being cut down. The owners may have to continue cutting all of the trees available to the vultures. We will have to see where they go when they return next spring.

The CCC drainage ditch, with accompanying trees, meanders through the neighborhood. Maybe they will find an appropriate tree to roost on in the area there. There are a couple of other houses with conifers that would do within a city block, maybe the vultures will go there.

This Raton mystery will remain until the vultures return next spring. Waiting with bated breath here. I love a Raton mystery......

Monday, November 10, 2014

New Business For Raton

Photo is from Google Earth Street View. Click on either image to make it larger.
Heard on the radio this morning an interview with real estate broker Jerri Miller that she is planning on selling a parcel of land that she owns to some developer who wants to build a high end assisted living place on Gardner Road and Turnesia Street by the old long vacant warehouse there.
She is looking for support as there is bound to be opposition to the rezoning of the property. It will be interesting to watch this play out. The NIMBY folks will be out in front of this is my guess, we will have to wait and see.

Personally, I think this is a great idea and a great business. Not only for Raton, but also for he area and location that this place is proposed to be built. I see no real drawbacks.

I will look for the petition being circulated in support to sign. Might be a good idea to visit with the folks on the Raton Planning and Zoning advisory committee as well as the Raton City Commissioners. This ought to be a 5 to zip vote in favor of the rezoning. It ought to be a unanimous vote for on the P and Z advisory board also.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Scene From A Mad Max Movie

The "new" dump (convenience center) in operation looks like a scene from a Mad Max movie. There is no pit to cover up, everything is above ground. We need to keep in mind that it is, after all, a dump. The employees at the city landfill/convenience center are some of the very best and do the best with what they have. We ought to be glad that it is really out of the way and not visible unless you are using the facility.
The folks in Raton are another story all together, we are not  noted for neat Midwestern type yards as it is. And the old dump was never fully utilized and my guess is that the new convenience center will not be fully utilized either. There are containers to collect recyclables, lets hope that folks use them a bit more.
Recycling in Raton is a joke, some folks try hard but the citizens seem to prefer to dump everything into the dumpsters or on either side of the dumpsters. Some folks seem to prefer patrolling the allys with truckloads of limbs looking for a dumpster rather than driving the mile or two to the convenience center.
The Raton city council put a lot of effort into the new center, there is an article plus associated video at the KRTN website, very interesting with lots of information.

Do your part and lets see if we can change the scene in the area.