Saturday, December 3, 2016

They Will Not Finish This Winter, Maybe Next Year

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I do not think that they will finish up this year either. They will probably shut down this winter like they did last year. This job will end up taking three (3) construction seasons of work to accomplish the job. 

It looks like the design was drawn up when the race track/casino was in the works a few years back and they did not redo the plans when that fell through. The access/egress from the east frontage road is quite complex for the use it will get. There is a ranch at the end of the road, but that is it.

There were some concerns about the old exit from the southbound lanes that were there but that in itself could have been fixed for a lot less and the complete reconstruction of the exit was not needed.

But at least folks can figure out what the exit will look like.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Supposing, Lets Do A Little Supposing

Lets suppose you or I built and installed an illegal gate on some road in the city, just like the one installed by Mr. Steve Hayden to limit access to the Old Raton Pass Road. What do you suppose would happen to you or I?

Why do you suppose the gate has been built and installed on the Old Raton Pass Road now with no go ahead and/or authority from the city? What do you suppose is the reason  it is there now?

Do you suppose Mr, Steve Hayden has some inside information as to the gate being allowed sometime in the near future?

Do you suppose the City Manager Scott Berry and Mr. Steve Hayden have not discussed this new gate?

Do you suppose that Mr. Steve Hayden and City Manager Scott Berry had not discussed the gate that was there previously?

Do you suppose that Mr. Steve Hayden and any of the city councilors had not discussed these gates?

Do you suppose Mr. Steve Hayden has been given the go ahead? Wink, wink.

What do you suppose?
I would venture a guess that if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck it probably is a duck.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Here Are Pictures Of The Gates Installed/Erected On The Old Raton Pass Road, The One Installed Earlier And The New One That Is There Now.

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This is the gate that was there a few weeks ago before the Raton city commission meeting(s) of October 25th and November 8th. A good gate, you see them around everywhere.
The gate above and below (green) was similar to others that folks pulled off of the hinges last time someone tried to close the road.
Now someone, am guessing it is Mr. Steve Hayden who installed the green one above, went and removed it and installed the one below. 
This is not your run of the mill gate, it is custom made and heavy duty.
The latching/locking mechanism slides this iron rod into an Iron pipe to secure it.
The gate is not just mounted on hinge pins, it is welded to the metal pipe post. No one is going to pilfer this gate without a cutting torch.
Works good, who ever installed it did a good job.
The hinge welded to the metal pipe/post.

And They Want To Give Or Close The Old Raton Pass Road Away

Check the article below at the Santa fe New Mexican, click on the link below:

Ant the commission really wants to give the road away? Go look at the new stronger gate thy are allowing the property owners to place up there... Go look at it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Heavy Duty Gate Installed On The Old Raton Pass Road

Read the last paragraph of the last post on this weblog then continue with this post. 
The gate above has been removed, it is gone, from the Old Raton Pass Road and replaced with a brand new heavy duty one. The new one will require a cutting torch to remove. It has been removed and a new one welded on to the iron fence posts that were there previously.

The individual(s) responsible for installing these gates, the one that was there before and the one installed here recently, are preparing to shut the road. This new gate also has a heavy duty mechanism allowing it to be locked shut. They are either:

  1.  Confident that the city will allow the closure or
  2.  They already know what the city will do or
  3.  They do not care what the city will do.

I would encourage the city commissioners, the mayor and city residents to go look for themselves. Take some time and go look.

The folks responsible for this are displaying outright hostility at city residents by barricading city property.

It is time for someone to ride herd on the city council and their actions, or lack thereof, on this particular issue.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What do You Know? Guess What Happened At The Raton City Council Meeting Lat Night?

Look at the whole thing at the link below. Wish I could have been there, from the video it seems like it was interesting, very interesting. The citizens of Raton owe those who stood up a debt of gratitude. The citizens will have to be on their toes as the issue moves forward or risk it being passed without their knowledge, input or consent.

It is not over folks, not by a long shot and maybe not for a long time. The issue has been fought over several times before and the folks wanting free land are not about to give up now.

Monday, November 7, 2016

No Matter What Happens, Tuesday Night Will Be A Command Performance For City Manager Scott Berry and The Whole Commission

Their hair will be combed, stiff starched shirts will be the order of the day. The Saturday bath is out of the way, this is the moment. They know KRTN will be there taking video and that the video will be posted the following day. They know that video does not go away, it lives forever on the internet. So, no matter what, they will be on what they perceive as their best behavior. This will be their best performance so far.
Mayor Sandra Mantz will he, haw, clear her throat, chew on her pencil as she tries to explain why she wanted to give the Old Raton Pass Road away.... Mayor Mantz is very comfortable in her abilities, she weathered the political storms before.

City Councilor Donald Giacomo will look like the cat that swallowed the canary, trying not to seem too interested. Trying to make us believe that because he abstained at the meeting that he has had nothing to do with this.... He has not discussed it with other councilors, no sireee.

City Manager Scott Berry will act dumb, like he has not led them to this point. Like they got here on their own. Some of the dumber councilors may even believe that. Like he  does not know what they think, that he has not discussed this too, too much with Steve Hayden.

City Councilor Ron Chavez, who ran for the council seat as a team with Giacomo, will give us his public safety spiel. It is for our own good, he is doing this for us.

City Councilor Linde Schuster will ask a couple of questions, either way, she will require additional information.

City Councilor Neil Segotta will look at the other councilors, the audience and wait for the vote call.

 Damn, I can't wait till the 9th so I can see the video. This is the most important vote this city council has taken so far, at least as far as their careers as local politicians go.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

What Can Be Done About The 2016 Situation With The Old Pass Road?

It is extremely frustrating for citizens of Raton to go through this again when the battle was fought and won about ten years ago. Now we have a different City Manager, Scott Barry, and different city commission who either forgot or never knew about that battle to keep this open.

The ease with which the City Manager and commission not only rolled over but rolled over on command and went ahead and did some more rolling over on their own is disturbing and makes citizens question their motives. I am particularly talking about Mayor Mantz asking what it would take to give it away. This was an unbelievable utterance from a mayor of Raton, wanting to give a city treasure away.

It was bad enough to see the other commissioners fawning over the possibility of "limiting unrestricted access" for citizens to their own road.

The commission meets Tuesday to determine if they will close the road or give it away. 

Let them know to leave it the way it was, get rid of the illegal gate and road closed signs. Call the city and let them know 445-9551

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Some Thing Is Fishy With The Old Raton Pass Road! Some Thing Doesn't Smell Right!

Stinks to high heaven might be a better way to describe it. Listen to it at the link below:

Reminds me of the "Old Raton Pass Road Gate", trying to set it to music.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Now Is The Time For The Citizens Of Raton To Act

November 8th or sooner is the time. November 9th it will be to late. November 9th is when you try and get the toothpaste back in the tube if you allow the commission to close or even give the road away.

The city commission knows it, City Manager Scott Berry knows it, Mr. Steve Hayden knows it.

Do the citizens of Raton know it?

We will have to wait and see. Wait and see what they do.
Make the call now, take action now or at the meeting on the night of the 8th. The results of the national election will still be there after the commission meeting. Help by getting the city commission to stop this foolishness.

We will soon know...................................

Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Current Old Raton Pass Road Situation.... Why is it happening and why is it happening now? And the situation with the window of opportunity.

Why has this situation come up again?

This is something I have been mulling over quite a bit here lately. No clear cut answer that I can figure.

Why now in late October and early November?

Well for one, the champion of keeping the road open no longer resides in Raton, Ms. Nancy Robertson has moved to Oklahoma. For another if you bring it up in late October for "discussion" you can put it on the agenda the 8th of November for the actual vote. Is the fact that city residents and citizens will have only one shot to "discuss" this and this being the 25 October, 2016 meeting have anything to do with it? Is the fact that November 8th, which is just two weeks away the perfect time to vote on it? Is the fact that November 8th is the national election a perfect time to vote on it?

I can see the City Manager, Scott Berry and Mr. Steve Hayden rubbing their hands together and slapping each other on the back at their brilliance. And Commissioner Donald Giacomo just pretending it is just another day!

Folks, I am here to tell you that they had to duck as the window of opportunity flew open for them. It was now or never and they knew it.
What we mean by the window of opportunity.

You think opportunities like this come along every day for the Raton City Manager Scott Berry, Mr. Steve Hayden and  the Raton City Councilor Donald Giacomo ? You really think it happens? If you do you have another think coming!! They don't just happen, they are created by people who have vested interests in the outcome. We know of two with vested interest for sure.... 1) Mr. Steve Hayden himself and 2) Commissioner Donald Giacomo. Now the question come as to how the common interests of these two individuals came to converge at the Raton City Council meeting of October the 25, 2016?

Did it just happen? What are the odds?

Also why did City Manager Scott Berry decide that the meeting of 25 October, 2016 was the time to put it on the agenda for discussion? Did it just happen?

Why does it appear that the most willing support comes from Commissioner Ron Chavez? Did that just happen?

Why did Mr. Steve Hayden have the confidence to install a gate and sign the road before the subject had even been discussed at the City Commission meeting? Did that just happen?
Why does Mayor Sandra Mantz have an inspired utterance at the end of the discussion about "deeding or giving away" the property to the landowners? Dis that just happen?

It takes planning folks, lots of planning.  It takes someone willing or having to take the lead, a point man if you will. That would have to be City Manager Scott Berry. Everything hinges on him. No matter what the others do they have to go through City Manager Scott Berry. No two way about it folks. He has to decide when to put it on the agenda. He has to see how he schmoozes the individual commissioners to agree to it. He had to "ask" the question as to when do we put it to the actual vote.

The two major protagonists have to be City Manager Scott Berry and Mr. Steve Hayden with Commissioner Donald Giacomo a close third.

The gate has been installed for a while now..... Think about it, draw your own conclusions.
What do you think City Manager Scott Berry thinks about the citizens of Raton? How About City Commissioner Donald Giacomo? Ron Chavez? Neil Segotta? Linde Schuster? Mayor Mantz??? What does Mr. Steve Hayden think?

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

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Your blogger is a kind, upstanding, Christian, engaged, philanthropist, and all around good person and would hate to ruin my reputation by posting nasty comments.

So use the poll at the top to let us know what you think.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Why Hasn't The City Commission And/Or City Manager Scott Berry Advised Mr. Hayden To Remove His Gate And No Trespassing Signs That Mr. Hayden Illegally Installed On City Property?

Is this it?
That is the question of the moment. The city commission nor City Manager Scott Berry have obviously not told him to do it and he has not volunteered to remove them himself.  Begs the question why? City Manager Berry is being paid to insure that  ordinances or laws do not go unenforced.

What would the city commission and City Manager Scott Berry have us, the citizens of Raton, believe?

  • That they forgot to ask Mr. Hayden to remove the gate and signs?
  • That they do not care about the illegal gate and signs?
  • That they want to insure Mr. Hayden and the private property owners do not have to go through the effort twice?
  • That the city, city commission and City Manager Scott Berry are incompetent to act on behalf of the citizens?
  • Or that hat the city, city commission and City Manager Scott Berry are unwilling to act on behalf of the citizens?
It has to be one of the above. So which one is it?
The accountability bowl has a hole in it big enough to get a road gate through.

Thorny question that the city commissioners and City Manager Scott Berry must ask themselves and be prepared to answer to the citizens. 

Just what is City Manager being paid to do? Is this part of his job description?

Monday, October 31, 2016

What Are The Options Available To The City

Closing the road should not be an option.

Deeding the road (giving it away) as Mayor Mantz suggested should not be an option.

The situation as it stood before Mr. Steve Hayden gated and posted the road at the "towers" beyond Goat Hill or the iridium layer area on the old Raton Pass Road. It was open, no gates. No one I have talked to can remember that road ever being closed to the citizens of Raton or the general public.

A few years back landowners gated, posted it and locked the gate. A local woman, Ms. Nancy Robertson, fought the landowners to get the gate and no trespassing signs down. She had to insist that the city live up to its obligations and insist that the land owners cease and desist 1) installing a gate, 2) closing  the gate and 3) signing city property as private property.

At that time period that Ms. Nancy Robertson was trying to get the gate down the landowners behind the gate would install one then someone upset with the gate would push it over. This happened several times before the gate and signs were  removed permanently.

At the October 25, 2016  Mr. Steve Hayden petitioned the Raton City Council to authorize him to shut the road to the citizens.

The gate is already installed and the signs are in place, since at least the day after the city council meeting. It is a done deal unless the city insists Mr. Hayden remove his gate and signs.

The City Commission has set November 8, 2016, the night of the national election and just two weeks after it was first brought up at the October 25th meeting to discuss closing the road per Steve Hayden's request. They will consider:

  • Closing the gate
  • deeding the property to the landowners
In looking at the tape on the KRTN website I see no other options being discussed.

Here are some I have:

  • Leave the road open
  • Get rid of the gate and signs placed there by Mr. Hayden
  • Advise Mr. Hayden that should this happen again he will be prosecuted for doing so
  • Sign the road as open to the public
  • Remove the posts, metal and wooden, on either side of the road that allows folks to just put a gate there in the first place.
  • Advise the County Sheriff that the area needs patrolling

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Vermejo Park Ranch and The Old Raton Pass Road

Gus Holm, General Manager, Vermejo Park Ranch
Raton City Manager Scott Berry

City Manager Scott Berry said he and Gus Holm, General Manager of the Vermejo Park Ranch had discussed the Old Raton Pass Road and that Mr. Holm has indicated he is in favor of limiting access and would be "willining to participitate in building a structure to do that." The Vermejo Park Ranch is willing to participate in building a structure to keep Raton citizens off of a road that belongs to them? You Have to be kidding!!!!!

You actually think that this "issue" has just come up now? Personally I would venture a guess and say that it has been discussed and who knows what else. Remember, the gate is already up and the no trespassing signs are up. The only thing missing is to swing the gate closed and lock it. If you don't believe me, take a ride and look for yourself.

On the KRTN video, at the link listed below this gem by City Manager Berry is at minute 19:30. Go there and listen to it.

I wonder who else is in on this scheme to close or give away the Old Pass Road? Right now we have, 1) the landowners and 2) a "proposed land owners association", 3) the Raton City Commission, 4) the Raton City Manager Scott Barry, 5) Mr. Steve Hayden and 6) Mr. Gus Holm who manages the Vermejo Park Ranch.

I wonder if Ted Turner is in on it. It might be worth the effort to try and contact him. If I recall he had been a friend of the city before.

The Old Raton Pass Situation Is Not Complicated, It Is Not Rocket Science

Our elected officials at the city and county level have been elected to deal with just such problems. You cannot tell me that between the Raton City Commission and the Colfax County Sheriff's Office they can't protect Mr. Hayden and others landowner's property and maintain the right of citizens to use their own road?

We would hope that they are not incompetent when it comes to providing simple services that were promised the citizens when they were running for office.

The Old Raton Pass situation is not complicated, it is not rocket science. Yours truly is not versed in the ins and outs of law enforcement and even I understand the solution. In all reality the general public expects them to do their job. 

The solution is for our elected officials to do what we elected them to do. We did not elect them to sit on their hands and deal with minor problems by depriving citizens of using their own road. We did not elect them to pretend they cannot do it, that it is someone else's problem. They were not elected to pit one segment of the citizens against the other. That my friends id NOT their job.

The Colfax County Sheriff has the responsibility to protect life and property on areas outside of incorporated municipalities. Rick Sinclair was elected sheriff with his promise he could and would protect the citizens of Colfax County. Rick Sinclair and his under sheriff, Leonard M Baca, promised me personally this at a meeting at the K-Bobs steakhouse and again at the Sweet Shop right here in Raton when they were running for office. Rick Sinclair promises the citizens of Colfax County this right now. Read about it at the link below:

The area in question is out of the city limits and as such lies within the law enforcement jurisdiction and responsibility of the Sheriff's office.  It close to his office, literally and figuratively and in all reality patrolling the area should require no more effort on the Sheriffs office than protecting anyone else in any other road withing the county's jurisdiction.

The city owns the road and the Colfax County Sheriff has the authority and responsibility for law enforcement outside of any incorporated parts of the county. Now if the Sheriff cannot protect the landowners from folks breaking the law withing 3-4 miles of town, what can they do? 

It is not a responsibility of citizens to have to prod elected officials to do they jobs...... It is not the responsibility of citizens to beg elected officials for their rights...... Yet here we are.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Old Raton Pass Road Pictures Taken October 27th

Mantz, Schuster, Chavez and Giacomo Are In The Bag?

Or so it seems by having looked at the video 4 different times. Giacomo will benefit by any action, I don't know what Mantz, Schuster and Chavez have to gain. Public safety? Come on, most folks did not fall off of the turnip truck yesterday.

This issue will not go away as a subject on this weblog until the commission actually shuts the gate or tries to give it away..... Stay tuned. The citizens of the city are being harmed by their own commission.
The KRTN website where the video of the meeting is located. The portion of the meeting that deals with the Old Pass Road is minute 14:34 to minute 26:40. Look at at and weep. Check it out at the site below:

Commissioner Linde Schuster is heard giving a fawninig thank you to Mr. Hayden for bringing up the subject. She would be for doing some "prudent and wise to do some limiting of access". Listen to minute 22:45 of the tape. How about limiting her access to close and/or give way property that belongs to the citizens of Raton.

The Raton community's chances may lie with Commissioner Segotta.  And I mean maybe. He indicates it is time to do something. I did not see a firm commitment by him in the video. He just agreed to put it on the agenda to vote on it November 8th, election day.

Is that a slap on the face for the citizens of Raton or what? Not only a hurry, hurry job, but zip it on the agenda. I can't recall the commission so eager to act before.

I do not think Steve Hayden is even a resident of the city. The citizens of the city who elected this group and who pays the salary of City Manager Berry may not have a champion on the matter. The commission seems to be working for the "land owners", having the land owners best interests in mind.

What is shocking when viewing the video is how eager the commission and City Manager Berry are to lock it up or give Raton City property away. I wish we had that eagerness to address other issues we have in the city. But with those other issues we do not have the Vermejo Park Ranch and Mr. Hayden's group willing to cover the costs.

Friday, October 28, 2016

The Old Raton Pass Road and Raton Mayor Sandra Mantz!!!

Raton, New Mexico Mayor, Sandra Mantz

Go to the website below (KRTN) and fast forward to minute 24:50 to hear the statements by Mayor Mantz.

She wants to know if the City of Raton can "transfer title" to the landowners? She want to know if the city commission can give the old Raton Pass Road away! She has balls I will give you that,  excuse the French, but very little grey matter. Can you believe our elected mayor actually advocating giving the Old Raton Pass Road away?

Mr. Steve Hayden not only thanked her for the gesture but offered to pay any expenses the city might incur in the transfer. He can come up with the money. The generosity of Mr. Hayden is overwhelming.

The generosity of Mr. Hayden shows as much gall as Mayor Mantz' statement asking if the city could give it to him.

Also read the letters to the editor on the KRTN website. Someone else is concerned. Read that at the URL below:


Exaggeration - a verb (used with object), exaggeratedexaggerating. To magnify beyond the limits of truth; overstate; represent disproportionately: to exaggerate the difficulties of a situation.

This is what Commissioner Ron Chavez used at the October 26th Raton City Commission Meeting.

He used exaggeration like the news media does these days. Trying to scare us with bullets flying everywhere, thousands of shell casings 27 rounds not only through the front door but all the way through the house and out the back window. Couches, refrigerators, mattresses everywhere. 
It is not that bad folks, not that bad at all. Raton City Commissioner Ron Chavez is exaggerating big time. Go look for yourself! There are no houses on the stretch of road Steve Hayden is talking about. Commissioner Ron Chavez just lost credibility by exaggerating the situation. He gives away his position.

My question is why is Commissioner Chavez so intent on closing the road, or worse yet, giving it away?

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What Will The Vote Be To Close The Old Raton Pass Road

Lets see, after once again looking at the video of last nights Raton City Commission meeting, here is what appears to be going down. The part of the meeting in question is between minute 14:34 and minute 26:40 on the video available at the KRTN website, click on the link below to get a first hand look at it:

Here is what appears to be going down.

City Manager Scott Barry and a new property owner in the Old Pass area from Dallas, Texas by the name of Steve Heyden have been communicating on supposed problems on the Old Raton Pass Road. The communications deal with closing the road to all traffic by installing a gate there. Where "there" is, I do not know. Where would the gate be. There have been many efforts on the part of lot owners to stop anyone from going there. This is a public road.

At the end of the discussion (minute 24:50Mayor Mantz actually makes a comment about deeding the property to the landowners. Deeding or vacating the property as manager Berry indicated is an option. This is giving the property away folks. Mr. Hayden is heard thanking Mayor Mantz for this consideration. She tells him it is not a done deal. This property belongs to all the citizens of Raton and the Mayor wants to "deed" it away? We know where she stands on this issue at the present time.

City Commissioner Donald Giacomo (minute 17:40 on the tape) is heard on the tape as saying he is a land owner in the area in question so he abstained from joining the conversation. He stands to gain, this would be a huge conflict of interest for him. So on a vote, he would probably abstain.

Next Commissioner Ron Chavez (minute 18:55 and then again at minute 20:40) comes on and gives a horror story about someone shooting at and through a house in the area. Over 20 rounds shot through the front door and exiting the house through a rear window. He even goes on to state that him, commissioner Chavez, and Mr. Hayden have discussed that folks wanting to see the Old Pass Road would be allowed to ask permission to visit it. We know where he comes down on this.

Commissioner Linde Schuster (minute 21:20) then asks about liability of locking the gate and giving the keys to the land owner. She then makes a recommendation to add it to the agenda to vote on it. Not real sure where she will come down on this.

Commissioner Neil Segotta (minute 23:33) then agrees it needs to be addressed and "do something about it". Not sure on Commissioner Segotta either.

All seem to think that the public, you and I, Raton citizens, have too much access to property that belongs to us. We own it, not the commissioners, not the Mayor and not Mr. Hayden. At least we own it now. Who will own it after the next City Commission Meeting no one knows. Maybe Mr, Hayden.

The vote as I see it is 2 to 2 with Commissioner Giacomo, the one with the most to gain abstaining. City Manager Berry is skillfully guiding the commission on which way to go..... Give it away.

Mr. Hayden came here from Dallas, Texas to buy a few acres and get some free property, courtesy of the Raton City Commission and at the expense of the citizens they were elected to serve. Not a bad deal, if we let him and the commission get away with it.

Raton City Council Giving Away Raton City Land At November Meeting?

Folks this is a done deal if we don't come together to stop it. It is scheduled to be given away at the November Meeting. All of the City Commissioners have signed on to this. JUST listen to the video, this is a done deal if something is not done to stop it.

The quote below comes from KRTN Radio website. Go there for the video of the commission meeting and to read the article from where the quote comes from.

"Land owners on the old pass requested that the city limit access to the area because of vandalism, trash dumping and illegal shooting. Commissioner Chavez noted that there had been one residence shot up multiple times and that roofing material and furniture had been dumped along the road. The city will look into a locked gate and even deeding the road to a home owner’s association that will be responsible for their own road maintenance. Berry noted that the road is very low on the maintenance list."

The right away is several miles long and at least 100 feet wide. That is significant City of Raton acreage to even consider giving away to a few, very few, people.

What is the commission thinking? Giving away Raton City Land to a few select individuals. This land belongs to all the residents of Raton, It belongs to you and me. Get to the commissioners and City Manager and advise them that this is a horrible idea.

Why not have it appraised and sell it to them if they want it so bad. 

This very same group used to gate it to restrict access until Ms. Nancy Robertson stopped the foolishness. I Have not seen her around lately, someone said she had moved. The owners of the property adjacent to the Raton Pass road waited, bided their time.  Now they want the city to give them the land. 

Do you really think that commissioner Chavez just heard about this and even deeding the road to the home owners association. This is where the commission cahoots come into play. Remember who ran as commissioner Chaves partner when they ran for the commission? Remember the discussions on the potential vote split when it came to issues that mattered. I am here to tell you there is no split, just listen to the video. They have all agreed to give it away. Commissioner Donald Jiacmo is one of landowner up there.

Commissioner Ron Chavez wants to give away the acreage to some "home owners association". The wheels of the proposal may have already been greased. Maybe others on the commission are in on it. The City Managers statements sure appear to indicate that he may be in on the deal.

Just who is the "proposed" association? Does anyone know? Is Councilor Jiacomo part of it? 

This is one bad idea! Horrible idea! Must not be allowed to happen. 

This particular issue will not go away..... The few folks who own property adjacent to the road have been waiting patiently, probably have the prework done. We need to know who exactly is involved? Why?

Mayor Mantz actually wants to give it to them..... She was thanked in advance for the "gesture".

How many acres?
What is it worth?
What is the real value?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Candidates Forum At The Shuler, Oct. 24, 2016

Sunset over Storrie Lake near Las Vegas last week.

What I found really odd about this forum were three (3) things:

1) The moderator, Ms. Michael Anne Antonucci, could not pronounce the last name Trujillo, insisted on pronouncing it "true hill" instead of "true heeo". For some reason or other I was under the impression Ms. Antonucci was a local person. If so, she should know how the name is pronounced.

She also did not know the difference between the U.S. House of Representatives and the New Mexico House of Representatives.

2) Someone was concerned about dead people voting! This is an individual who obviously has been listening to all of the horrific scares being discussed in this years presidential election.

3) Michael Romero running for House of Representatives, District 3 did not demonstrate that he is capable of representing the district. 

Sortta hard to please everyone, my two cents after having sat through the presentations.