Thursday, August 27, 2015

Recoil Article Slams Raton

Lots n lots of comments on the article that is located at the web link below:

Personally, I am of the opinion that the types of folks this magazine caters to will not be missed should they bypass Raton.

And regardless of what is said of written about at the Whittington Center, Raton will continue to be here. There are too, too many pluses for living in the community. One of the pluses is the "activity" by our eccentrics.

People who live here, for the most part, understand the dynamics of the eclectics residing in our midst.

The world is not coming to an end.......

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Monday, August 24, 2015

UPDATE: Giving Away The City One Lot At A Time? UPDATE

The City will deliberate and act on the item highlighted below at the regular meeting of the City Commission of the City of Raton which will be held on August 25, 2015 at 6 p.m.

G.  Deliberate and Act on Request by Sands Manor Motel for Alley Vacation between Emerson Street and Price Street.

A "vacation" of the alley means the Sands Manor Motel wants the ally converted from a public alley to a private piece of property. They want it for free! Why don't they offer to buy it if they want it so bad.
Click on this image to make it larger.

This is a bad idea. At the very least the Sands Manor Motel ought to offer to buy the piece if they want it or need it. This is not a good idea, hopefully the city commission will dismiss this. Giving away city property in a situation like this is ridiculous.

Call the commissioners up or attend the meeting to stop this.

NOTE: This goes to prove we do not have a real news outlet in Raton, KRTN just puts up the agenda, no editorializing on their part at all. Maybe we ought to be thankful for the posting as it is.
The view from Price looking towards Emerson St. A Google screen grab. Click on the image to make it larger.
The view from Emerson looking towards Price St. A Google screen grab. Click on the image to make it larger.

From KRTN;

"Commissioners heard from Attorney Steven McConnell who is representing the seller of the Sands Motel. As the sale progressed it was found that after the motel was built in the late 1950s that an alley way was platted but never built and in the 1960s a luxury wing was built across the platted alley way".  (Link to the Sands Motel Alley Vacate Docs)

"In order to clear this matter up the city has agreed to vacate the platted alley in exchange for an easement for the current power lines that provide electricity to the motel. McConnell also noted that the motel was built 6.15 feet into the Emerson Street platted area, which has been there for many years. He is also asking the city to vacate that strip of Emerson Street to clean up this situation. Commissioners approved the vacations, which will allow the sale of the property to move forward."

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Some People Value Trees

Check the sight highlighted below for an interesting "tree" article;

Folks in Raton who value trees are few and far between. There is so much destruction of trees, devaluing the individual property and the beauty and the town. Some see no value to individual trees and proceed to destroy them. In the last few years the drought caused damage but no where close as the damage caused by individual landowners.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Horse Carriage

A few years ago someone built a beautiful horse carriage that I thought was given to or belonged to the city. What ever happened to it? Did it belong to the city or was someone lending it to us? It was a real work of art.

I recall it on a parade one time and can't recall seeing it again...

Friday, August 14, 2015

Russell Marcy Academy

The Hindenburg
Who is Russell Marcy and why is the old Raton Middle School now an "Academy"? Why is it the Russell Marcy Academy?

The new name sneaked up on me, I can't say when I first heard it but it has been here recently. So who is Russell Marcy and why are we renaming the old school after Russell? Did he donate a bucket full of money? Was he a famous war hero? Did he do a lot for the community?

I see they are moving the playground stuff from the old elementary school on the North Side of Raton to the new Russell Marcy Academy between 3rd and 4th . Looks like they will have it up and running by the 24th when school starts.
Working on the playground
And what is going on over on 1st Street, they have kept the street tore up all summer? Might affect the new eateries in the vicinity in a bad way.

PS - Just a note here to advise that I have been getting some comments that are not fit to share with my readers, they seem to be coming from an individual who has a grudge with "yours truly'. Just thought I would let you folks know that there is some individual just getting unruly and have been deleting his or her comments to the spam bin.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pizza Hut Is History In Raton.

An update and in depth article on the Pizza Hut closing here:

Anonymous said...

So now Pizza Hut is out of business.
Imagine Bruno's luck, opening a pizza parlor and two weeks later the only competition within 30 miles goes under. That's luck, like once-in-a-lifetime luck!

Now only if Bruno's can step up and fill the gap left by Pizza Hut: Delivery, online ordering, low-price specials, and fast service.
The above is from a comment posted here a bit earlier.

They are gone, they didn't even say goodbye!
Sad to see them go, they were having trouble with their employees, seems like the turnover was too great. That caused problems with the quality of the product and the quality of service.

Something seems wrong with Pizza Hut's business model. They have closed up shop up Trinidad (reopened as a carryout) and Walsenburg where the old Pizza Hut building now sells marijuana products. If we want Pizza Hut pizza we will have to take carry out from Trinidad or stop in Las Vegas, Clayton or Pueblo. Those are the closest ones now.

I wonder if the city of Raton was involved with the Pizza Hut closing, you think it would be easier to keep it in town than to do a search for a new business. One more empty building on 2nd Street. I do not have much faith in the leadership of the city. The council seems ok, we just lack a leader. they better come up with a way to manage the decline in this town. Read previous posts on the subject at the url below:

I will miss them for sure.....

Saturday, August 1, 2015

One Worthless Agency

What does this agency really do? KRTN at their website here has an article on a project share or something like this where the "Department" gives money to ranchers for this or that. Here are the categories:

Habitat enhancement, biological and ecological studies, wildlife rehabilitation, and wildlife education.

The Department needs to manage the wildlife that wanders all over the town.

This is one agency that can be reduced to the numbers needed to manage the several hunts.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Barber Shops and More Barber Shops

Two new barbershops in Raton? That will make a total of four. Did everyone decide to get in the good grooming line, or what? Seems like a couple too many to me. We will see.

All of a sudden we have 2 new ones, one on second north street and another one on the road out to Sugerite State Park, just east of the old Norteno Mexican Restaurant.

I think it will be a tough business all of a sudden unless the new barbers know the town and are pretty sure they can attract enough business. it will be interesting in seeing if all of these very small businesses springing up can make a go of it.

Go and get a haircut! Go and have a burger downtown! Go have a pizza at Brunos when they get more stuff.

A question from your favorite blogger..... what is going on at the old Cimino's Ford building by the courthouse? Anyone know.
By the way, which of the Republicans running for president has the best haircut? The Donald? I think not. I like Carly, the best looking person, running on either ticket.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Whats Happening? What happened?

Anonymous said...

According to a sign on the door, there's a new "pizza and wings" restaurant opening July 20 at the old Santa Fe Cafe location. Hopefully they have a trained pizza chef who actually knows how to make real pizza (unlike the previous place at that location).

The old Santa Fe Cafe pizza was so bad, this new one could hardly be worse. The previous pizza restaurant used frozen crusts and the sauce tasted canned. Even worse, how long it took, as if they could only bake one or two pizzas at a time no matter how many customers were seated at tables.

But no matter how poor my past experiences at Raton restaurants, I give EVERY new place a straight-up and objective fair chance. "Pizza and Wings" will be no exception and I'm looking forward to trying it.
I have not heard much about the "new" businesses that were rumored to be coming into town. It does not look like Raton is having much luck, especially with restaurants. One, on the extreme north side of town, never came to fruition and a couple of BBQ joints opened up and soon went the way of the Dodo bird. The same goes for the Mexican joint on the "east side". Then there is the Whistle Stop  over at the old filling station on the Sugarite Road right off of the interstate.

And what about the "retirement home" on Gardner Road? I heard the locals in the area were fighting it. The old NIMBY thing. Anywhere else but there. Personally I think it would add to, not only the neighborhood, but the whole of Raton.

And there were rumors of one, if not two, "breweries" wanting to open in town. Where did that go. There is some activity on a building on 2nd next to the Ford place.  This type of business might have a shot in Raton. Especially when you think there are none in the area.

Also I heard about a new "bakery" type business somewhere in the downtown area. Anyone else heard anything on this. This might work, I am not sure, it depends on their products and what else goes along with it.

Now comes the "Pizza and Wings" thing mentioned at the top of the article.

AND the "burger joint, pizza joint" on the North end of 1st Street looks like something is going on there? Tough to compete with Pizza Hut and the fast food burgers. Though a good green chile burger.

I don't know about good cooks as good restaurant owners? They have to be good business people, being a good cook by itself will not cut it. A lot goes into a business. If you don't believe it just look at antique shops opening and closing in Trinidad. Some woman spent a quarter million of their retirement nest egg on remodeling a building there on main street. Did not last but a few months and "poof", gone just like the rest of them.

Raton seems to have the same situation with restaurants, one or two open up every year or so and are soon gone. The locals eat just so much and then you have to rely on the I-25 traffic. And if it is not by the Clayton exit with quick service..... well bye, bye.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Public Service Announcement


 Anonymous said...
this comment has nothing to do with this subject. However, since I am so mid-20th century I don't know how to start a new post. Just a quick note that today is the last performance of "Midsummer's night dream" at the Shuler starting at 2:30 this afternoon. It is a terrific performance. You will be sorry if you miss it. Then this coming weekend "Boeing, Boeing" starts. Very funny.
On another note, we had dinner at the new Stakeout/Palace restaurant last night. The food was wonderful. My steak was cooked to perfection, the tuna was rare in the middle (like it is supposed to be), the potato puree was creamy, the salad bar was sufficient, the drinks were strong, cold and large, the atmosphere incredible, service good....... Please give it a chance and a try and help a new business in Raton's downtown make it. Also I understand that at least one more eatery and a bakery are opening soon on 1st street (eatery) and Cook (bakery). Give them a chance, a try and hope for the best.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Taos prosecutor appointed to replace retiring judge Paternoster


Thanks to one of our readers for the "heads up".

Let us give him a chance.... See how he does.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Gold Star Service - Great Customer Service In Raton

Records Ace Hardware and AutoZone. You can't beat it, they have knowledgeable, helpful and courteous  help and always seem to have the part I am looking for. And I mean to tell you I sometimes ask for some odd part. AutoZone has great help as does Records Ace Hardware.
Not much else to say today, but if you want good service and good material, try these business out. There are others, these are just standouts in Raton.

I am a regular customer at both stores and have NEVER had a bad experience. I bet you can't say that about too m any stores you frequent. AutoZone on occasion has not only sold me the part I need, they installed it for me.

As long as there are people in the area these two stores will have customers....

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Raton News, Where do we go?

The Raton Range is gone, the Raton Comet is gone, the Colorado newspapers can't do it as a part of their own editions. The Moreno Valley has its own now that the Sangre de Cristo Chronicle folded. I do not think the "Comet" will be back

KRTN is all over the place, sort of a scatter gun approach to sharing news. They have the radio itself, they have a You Tube site, they have a regular web page and then they have a Facebook page. They are not all connected except at their Facebook page. But that page is to busy, not easy to get around. But for what it is worth, it seems to be the place to go and you have to give ole Billy D credit for the effort. Bet he is being run ragged.

Nobody is covering the city and county government in any detail. So they know that if it is not discussed in open meetings no one will ever know what is going on. We will have to "trust".

It is a new day for news in North East New Mexico and the southern counties of Colorado. No one is really covering the area, not in any meaningful way anyway.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Interesting, Very Interesting

Click on the image to make it larger.

From the Albuquerque Journal this last week. Thought it might provoke a few thoughts from readers.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Kenyon Riddle and the Book Records and Maps of the Old Santa Fe Trail

A very interesting tidbit of information on a Kenyon Riddle and a book he wrote titled Records and Maps of the Old Santa Fe Trail. 

I was browsing on Amazon the other day and bumped on the book. I looked at the information and it was priced where I would buy it so I did. It was for sale by an individual in Pennsylvania and was an old library book from the Albertson Library at the Boise (Idaho) State University. The book was advertised as in good condition etc. Anyway, I bought it and eagerly awaited my purchase. It arrived in a few days and I looked it over carefully.

The book was signed by the author, Kenyon Riddle on March 13, 1950, It is really in mint condition and the binding and cover are excellent and also in excellent condition. The only "flaw" was an ink stamp by the library. Looking inside of the front cover I find that the book was copyrighted in 1949 and that the authors address was P.O. Box 909, 825 Apache, Raton, New Mexico and was printed by the Raton Daily Range in Raton, New Mexico.

Imagine the "trail" of the book from 909 Apache in Raton to Boise, Idaho to Pennsylvania and back to Raton.

This post is not about the author and doing a "Google" search did not turn up much other than he lived 1890 - 1957. Nothing about him having lived in Raton. The Introduction has a bit about him, but not much.

Anyway, a bit of interesting trivia this fathers day.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Capitol Outlay For Colfax County

Click on the image to make it larger

What do you think? Will the governor sign it or will she veto some of it? Here is Colfax County's portion o the huge 1,000 project $295 million capital outlay bill passed this week at the special session of the Legislature.

Not a bad deal if you ask me.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Interesting, Very Interesting

Click on the image to make it larger

Not sure this is an appropriate use of tax dollars, let the ranchers shoot their own coyotes. Why does the government have to be involved/ How come the anti government ranchers aren't screaming about too much government?

More on it at the URL below:

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

From A Master Sleuth

Ward Shrake said...
Here's a tidbit that'll break New Mexican's heart: during a recent investigation into the details behind the "Sponsored by International Bank" sign, at the Visitor's Center, two people working for / with the city told certain things to the State Auditor's investigator. Being a fan of openness in government, and compliant with those rules, etc., etc., the new auditor's investigator wrote to me, last week, and filled me in on what was said, and by whom. Turns out Kathy McQueary was one of the people who was interviewed, in regards to why that sign saying "Sponsored by International Bank" is on that piece of city-owned property.

Based on what I was told in that letter, it appears that Kathy must have left out the very important disclosure that she's either on the board, over at International Bank, right now; or was not too many years ago. I corrected the oversight for her. And proved that she's on the board, via an old press release from the Governor's office. So ... there ya go. You'd told me to do some sleuthing into RPS, some time ago, New Mexican. Does that count for ya?

While I have nothing in particular against the people working at/for RPS, or against Kathy McQueary for that matter, I'm a huge fan of governmental openness. And accidentally leaving off an important board seat, when discussing an entity you're closely aligned with ... well it likely had a bad effect regarding overall credibility, when I pointed that info out.

If she'd already done it, my "correction" of the possible oversight can't hurt. Right? But if I'm correct in thinking that info wasn't brought to the auditor's attention, well ... 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Raton Comet, What Is Going On?

An editorial attempting to explain the whole thing below;

Looks like someone bought the Raton Comet just as it was folding. Good luck to the new owners. A thank you to a reader for the link provided.

It is a tough time for the "fourth estate", no doubt about it. Lots of screaming on TV, sensational headlines in the big dailies. The National Enquirer has lots of competition.

But here in Raton? After the Raton Range folded it has been a chore to get "news". KRTN tries, but it is not up to the task . KRTN does us a big favor by not running Rush Limbaugh and we ought to be thankful for that.

Like some say "quien sabe" what will happen. Others say "c'est la vie", yet others "that is the way the cookie crumbles".

What do you think will happen? Where do you go for local news?

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

What A Waste

Click on the image to make it larger

A ruse by the Raton City Commission and a ruse by the management of the Raton Public Service (RPS). RPS kowes the city commission can do nothing, nothing. RPS knows it, the Raton City Commission knows it and we know it. So why the meeting? For appearances.

Remember that RPS has a ton of money stashed away in its coffers to defend itself and the city is essentially broke. RPS has shown that they will go down at the courthouse, even if they have to spend every cent they have. And the city? No money and worse yet no will to bring a rogue city utility into the fold. RPS does what it wants, when it wants and where it wants. The Raton City Commission be dammed.

In all reality RPS has elected the last two commissioners and previously elected another, the mayor. So to hell with the Raton residents. This "notice" is as good as it gets for us. I feel like the proverbial "Burro Can yon Line" that RPS is always using for excuses.

And trust me, we all know RPS has the power and RPS has the money and the city has none.

The situation does not pass the smell taste.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Good Bye Raton Comet

We have seen the end of the Raton Comet. It was good knowing you. Reference the web address below.

Seems like the end of one world and maybe the beginning of the other as far as news for Raton goes. In the last few years we have seen the end of two newspapers here. Sortta sad and telling at the same time. Who knows who or what will take up the slack. I do not think the World Journal will, maybe but I doubt it.

It will be interesting, what will happen to the "legals" that government entities are forced to publish.

More on Raton Public Service (RPS) and Electrical Blackouts and Rolling Blackouts for Raton, NM

Storm clouds on the horizon. Click on the image.

Here is a link to questions posed by your blog master previously on RPS;

Here is a link to an interview by Marty Mayfield of Raton, NM radio station KRTN with RPS Board President Kathy McQuery and General Manager Dan Dible. . An excellent interview and a special thanks to KRTN is in order.

The interview highlights problems associated with providing electrical power to Raton. It highlights some options that the individuals interviewed feel we have to cover our electrical power needs now and to one degree or another in the future.

The "rate payers" have a slightly better understanding of the situation as compared to what we had before the interview. Marty Mayfield asked some questions that allows us a better understanding.

Two (2) questions that were not asked were;

 1) Is the current management of RPS (the board) capable of handling the situation, handling the management. Are they competent, up to the task?

2) Is the relationship between the "board" and the city adequate? Or is the tail wagging the dog?

Is the overall management of RPS the problem? This is a major concern to the citizens and or "rate payers" as Ms McQuery likes to call us.

From my point of view the utility is too big for Raton, too powerful for us. The manage not only RPS but the city commission who is supposed to be watching out for us. RPS watches out for RPS. The City Commission is supposed to be the watchdog for the citizens. It is not.

RPS may have problems with the power supply and infrastructure, but it has no such problem with taking care of itself and its employees. As a group RPS is the most powerful political group north of Santa Fe.

There is no checks and  balances with RPS, they are in the drivers seat and they know it and so does the city commission. The "rate payers" have no representation, no voice. The incestuous relationship there is a shame and a disgrace.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Six (6) Hour Blackout, What Is Up RPS?

Six hours without power in the middle of Memorial Day a lot of businesses need to make a little profit. I wonder how much that cost businesses and the city too. You don't think this blackout hurt? I was looking for something cool at the Dairy Queen and earlier the lines were too long so I came back when they were a bit shorter when the juice went out. Several of us walked out, nothing else to do.

Folks driving around town just looking to see what was going on, everything soon closed.

Maybe commissioners Chavez and Giacomo and Mayor Mantz who seem to be in the back pocket of RPS will ask some questions? You think so? You think they will have the best interests of the community in mind? What about RPS management? I can almost guarantee they will circle the wagons and defend against all comers especially any who question their ethics or competence.

Lets see what information is forthcoming and via what venue.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Friday, May 22, 2015

Colfax County Districe 1 Magistrate Court

Colfax County District 1 Magistrate Judge Warren Walton's court in Raton is a farce, a huge farce. The front desk folks are nice but dumb as a damn rock and incompetent as far as the word's definition will let you take it. They have no idea what or how their ignorance and incompetence affects the people they deal with. The same goes for the judge, if you can call him that. These folks are drawing a decent wage and all they really do is make things miserable to the people they interact with. The inconvenience they place honest folks is a damn shame. Do they care? No! No they do  not. This is one hell of a way to run a court.

Here is an article of interest on New Mexico magistrate courts;

The problems they cause are probably worse than 95% of the folks they deal with. Incompetent is too nice a word for there folks. And they continue on.

Their jury duty roster???? Stay away from it, lie through teeth to stay off of it or be prepared for a nightmare while you are on their list. Their recorded messages are a shame and a sham, who knows who makes these and who actually wrote the words which are on there. And then try and explain to the "judge" that his staff and the way he manages the office is causing problems and he is liable to give you a tongue lashing. You make a mistake and prepare to pay for it, they make a mistake and YOU will pay for it anyway.

This "power" we, the voters, gave "the judge" when we elected makes him think he is above the citizens that he deals with. This is one sorry excuse of a magistrate court.

He got reelected without any opposition, we cannot let that happen again.

I had posted on this "judge" before here, read what was said at the time.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Here Is What I Think Happened At The County Clerks Office. Some Awesome Investigative Gossip By Yours Truly.

A few years ago the then Colfax County Clerk, Rayetta Trujillo, was looking for someone to be her Chief Deputy and came upon Freda Baca. Rayetta figured she could train Freda and have her run for the clerks office when Rayetta timed out. Then she and Freda would switch jobs and Rayetta would be the chief deputy. Makes for 16 years of tenure if the arrangement works. This is a fairly common practice with other county clerks across New Mexico.Well it did not work out here.

Come the 2014 election cycle and lo and behold Rayettas (now Colfax County Clerks Chief Deputy) husband Lawrence Trujillo's is running as a Democrat for Colfax County Sheriff. Lawrence Trujillo was a long time Colfax County Deputy and Raton City policeman as well a candidate for the Sheriffs office anytime he could run.

Meanwhile Democrat Freda Baca's son Leonard Baca Jr. joined hands with the Republican candidate Rick Sinclair to run as his Chief Deputy. See their profiles here. Suffice it to say here is that the Sinclair/Baca Republican ticket trumped the Democrat Lawrence Trujillo. That is another article.

My guess is that relations at the County Clerks office got a bit testy. Especially between Freda Baca and her Chief Clerk, Rayetta Trujillo. Push came to shove and Rayetta got handed a pink slip before the November general election. Relations had to have been strained since Freda found out Lawrence Trujillo was going to run for the vacant sheriffs office slot that her son is also interested in. In all reality she may have known all along as Leonard ran for the office every time he had an opportunity.

What came as a surprise was to have Democrat Freda Baca's son join with the Republican to run against Leonard Trujillo.

Anyway with the election close at hand and Rayetta no longer there Freda Baca did not know how to handle the situation or got confused or something. The whole election day turned in to a slow motion disaster that lasted from before the polls opened until well after they closed. I bet confusion reigned at the Clerks office and the polling places.

Then the state finally got involved. Who knows how they (the state) found out about it. I will tell you that in 2010 the then Democrat County Clerk Reyetta Trujillo endorsed Republican Diana Duran over the incumbent Democrat then in office when Diana Duran first ran and won in 2010.

You can draw your own conclusions to this convoluted saga.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Breaking News, Retirement!!!! You Read About It Here 2nd

Click on the image to enlarge it to make it readable.

Some people will be happy, others will be sad. Watch the local lawyers go into action trying to get the Governor to appoint them....... Some who can't get elected look for these opportunities. It will be interesting to watch them go into action.....

Friday, May 8, 2015

Crooked Cop Arrested?

From a weblog reader, new information.

Anonymous said...

When I heard (from KRTN) that a Leon Herrera just got arrested, and that it was due to an "arrest warrant for embezzlement" -- with no mention of who had written the arrest warrant -- I went to the Raton Police Department, and spoke with a representative of that city entity. That person confirmed, in their official capacity, that yes, the Leon Herrera whom had just been arrested was indeed the same one who was a former Police Chief from Springer, New Mexico. So keep an eye on the ABQ news: since they already know that information now.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Gloom And Doom View For The City From KRTN

A screen grab of Raton from Google

I posted on the problem before, read the post here:

Now KRTN comes with this layoff by Pioneer Natural Resources. Nothing really new here other than asking the questions I had asked in my Wednesday September 4, 2013 post linked to above.

I quote from that post "Then Chuck Henry was elected and his efforts to be mayor started the political mess we find ourselves in now and started the wholesale decline. Chuck Henry and the DREGS brought Raton to its knees."

The decline in the city is visible and had been predictable for a long time. The fact that the main sources of jobs have extractive, coal mining and oil and gas drilling makes these types of layoffs inevitable. It happens all of the time all over the country to cities and municipalities that rely on extracting natural resources from the land. It is natural and it will happen to everyone. That is the nature of the beast.

The Raton City Council and to a lesser degree the Colfax County board of commissioners are helpless to do anything. Somewhat similar circumstances are present in Colorado, but that is for someone else to write about.
Raton has had opportunities to minimize the decline, or at least manage it. Raton has failed to do so adequately. The city council is not up to it, the mayor is certainly not up to it. The mayor does ok managing the city commission meetings, but that is the extent of it. There is no leadership there at the present time. Part of the problem stems from the political instability started and discussed in my September post referenced above.

I do not know where effective city leadership can be found. I think there have been some around, but we have either recalled them and thrown them out of office or otherwise dissuaded them from running.

There is an article on the decline of coal needs nationally and the effect of relying on coal mining by towns in Colfax and Las Animas counties in the July 1966 edition of the New Mexico Historical Review titled "The Raton Coal Field, An Evolving Landscape" written by Richard H. Kesel. I know it is an old publication, but the publication and the associated article can still be found.

Reliance on extractive "industries" has always had these consequences, always. It is neither bad nor good, it just is.

Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4th, 2015

And don't go pulling any stunts like the folks in Texas are pulling. I thought we had goofy folks, but Texas takes the prize. Like poking a stick at a chained dog with the chain having a weak link.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Newspapers In The Area

The Sangre de Christo Chronicle, Raton Comet and now the World Journal covering Huerfano and Las Animas Counties in South Central Colorado and Colfax County here in Northern New Mexico. Then there is the Chronicle News covering Trinidad proper.

It seems like the void left when the Raton Range and Trinidad Independent went under will take a while to fill. Right now the three news papers are all struggling to get a handle on the market, or so it looks like to me. The hard copy newspaper market has been changing for a while now and they struggle with adapting.
Television news coverage is expanding, for whatever that is worth this far from the stations. But they are still out there yelling the sensational news at us. The abandoned dog article, Bruce Jenner articles and the occasional article of real interest in the area.
The bigger threat is the internet and the multitude of gadgets associated with it. This weblog is one such item as is the web page for the Raton radio station KRTN. The radio as a source of news is long gone Anymore it is a cesspool of right wing and Christian religious talk shows.

The result is a hodpodge of places to go for partial coverage of the news.

The local market is being inundated with useless information of little interest to the readers by all of the newspapers because they cannot respond in time and they do not have the resources to go looking for the real stories. KRTN  will have some stuff of interest and other "stuff" on their radio show "This, That and the Other", but they will not, repeat, will not go after the real hard news because they do not want to alienate their advertisers, read "Pioneer Natural Resources". Do you think there will be a critical article on fracking on there, no sireee Bob.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Good News?

The following comment from today on the weblog.

Anonymous said...

It was not in red, but that is the comment.

The week before the front page of the Raton Comet was about a life size colon..... Yikes, good news like that I do not need.

And life is not all about good news either.
Here are some "bad" news:

The Bears are back out, look in your alley.
The feral cats are all over.
Herds of deer roaming the streets.
The city council is doing nothing, Nothing with a capitol N.
The Mayor loves her job but is doing nothing.
The New City Manager seems to be falling into the nothing trap.
Have not heard a peep from our County Sheriff, not one peep.

Here is the good news:

Not so many dogs this spring, thanks to the dog catcher.
No life size colon on the front page of the Raton Comet this week
The "economic development" folks doing a good job.
Have not heard a peep from our County Sheriff, not one peep.

Nor sure if good or bad news:

Who put a gate on Gardner Road restricting access? Isn't that a county road? Why did they do it?