Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Raton City Council Has Lost It

The Raton City Council has lost it! What is it they have lost you ask? Credibility and respect is what they have lost. It looks like the new dumpsters are being vandalized or damaged by someone. If you do not believe it, drive by the repository over the area where the fire department trains.

The city council has lost all respect, not only is it seen as a paper tiger but maybe a corrupt paper tiger if you take into consideration the decision on the Chavez/Berry/Giacomo Gate. I do not think that the younger folks will forget this anytime soon. The older folks who show up at the commission meetings have already moved on.
The alleys in town are a mess, the only thing missing this year so far is the bears. The city has taken no moves to clean up illegal dumping right in town. But they have the where with all to go ahead with the Chavez/Berry/Giacomo Gate which they will construct to keep the citizens out and in the process create a private gated community on the Old Pass Road. The Raton City Council has created a gated community for a few non residents of the community and we, the citizens of Raton, will pay for it and have our law enforcement folks patrol and enforce the gated community rules.

In the meantime the town continues to fall apart right in front of our eyes. You think the city council can/will do anything about that. If you do you have another think coming. The Raton City Commission responds to stimuli that citizens do not possess.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Hope You Find At Least One Egg

Several are hidden beyond the illegal gate on the Old Raton Pass Road. Who knows but there is one with a fortune in it.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

What Services Does The Colfax County Sheriff's Office Provide The Citizens Of Colfax County?

What do they do for a living? Anyone know? What do we finance these folks for? They take a big chunk of the county revenues. I think they run the jail, is that it? We will be looking at this office in the next few months. Someone has to ask questions.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Our City Manager Bears Watching

City Manager Scott Berry needs watching. He is not the innocent he portrays. It is my guess he bamboozled the city commission on the issue of the Chavez/Berry/Giacomo Gate. he knew what was going on from the get go, no two ways about it. Not when you look at the totality of it. His show and tell at the last meeting was just that, show and tell.

Who knows what really went down? But one thing we can all be sure of is City Manager Scott Berry came out of it like a fat rat. Commissioner Chavez was a stooge, played right into the hands of those who stood to gain. Commissioner Giacomo is small potatoes in all of this. The rest of the commission was guided by the city manager.

We need to keep an eye on him.... This is not an isolated incident.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Negativity On This Blog And Raton/Colfax County Politics

This blog has been accused several times as being too negative. Some of the accusations have been pretty nasty. But the blog is about Raton and Colfax County politics. Personally I think the heading says it all.

"Running information on the City of Raton and Colfax County Politics. It is usually ugly but it just keeps getting uglier. Only a mother could love this baby.

Also other items of local interest that may or may not be as ugly as our local politics."

The huggy touchy feely information folks need and want will have to come form some other place.

With no other place for information and comment on the local politics the negativity some deplore will more than likely continue. Any discussion on a local issue will seem negative to someone. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

What Has The Raton City Commission And City Manager Done For The Citizens Lately?

If you have requested service, did you get a quick response like the out of town landowners on the Old Raton Pass Road? Like Commissioner Don Giacomo did?

The business community in Raton better figure out something as related to steady electric power or they along with RPS will get caught with their proverbial pants down again. They, as a business community, have the power to do something. The citizens, as citizens, do not have any real say with the City Manager or the commission.

The Raton City Manager and Raton City Commission respond to issues needing attention in a knee jerk reaction sort of way. Neither they, nor the Raton Public Service, figured before hand out how to keep at least most of the citizens advised of happenings when we lost power a while back. This could have been accomplished for little or no money by creating a Facebook page and have someone update every hour or so even when the power is off. You think that someone would have thought of it?

The Raton Public Service is a fiefdom within a fiefdom. If you recall that RPS was an issue when most of the current commission was elected. Commissioner Giacomo and Chavez were elected as a pair with the aim of supporting RPS. They along with Mayor Mantz created a block on the commission that was willing to allow stuff to remain as is at RPS.

RPS is a below the radar city owned utility that is in reality a commercial business because of the iron clad "agreement" they worked out with the city. They answer to no one. And I mean no one.

Maybe we will see some movement here, but I doubt it, RPS has threatened the city with lawsuits before and will do so again to keep their privileged status. if you do not believe me, try finding out something, anything about RPS.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

We Are Moving On From The Chavez/Berry/Giacomo Gate Issue For A While

Well the citizens of Raton got the shaft from the Raton City Commission! Nothing that we can do now but move on to other issues. I think we understand what has happened but time moves on and so must we. The video of last nights city commission meeting is here. The response from citizens on the issue left a lot to be desired.

Other issues need attention. The lack of places for folks to get news without a local newspaper is a huge problem. Facebook, Twitter, KRTN Radio, this weblog, the World Journal are not the same as having the old Raton Range. TV will only mention Raton on the weather or if the pass closes in a snow storm. KRTN is afraid to upset advertisers so music, as it is, is about all of value you can get there. I will say that the video of the commission meetings by KRTN is the very best, but KRTN cannot be considered a news outlet.

Not sure what will come down the pike as far as the ability to get things in the public eye. The things that have happened with the gating of the Old Raton Pass Road and the Chavez/Berry/Giacomo Gate would never have happened if there was a local newspaper.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Identifying Excessive Adulation Syndrome

Identifying excessive adulation syndrome or "Hero Wannabe" is not hard, not hard at all. These personalities seem to be everywhere in these times. Look for them this way:

  • Patches - on jackets or vests. They love to wear these, and the more patches the better.
  • Bumper stickers - If you love freedom, thank a veteran type. Bet there is a veteran driving the vehicle.
  • Pins on baseball hats - The pins identify what type of hero the individual sees himself as.
  • Wearing of firearms in public - This is a doozy, individual wants to be seen as the "Dirty Harry" type.
  • Multiple flags pasted everywhere - He/she wants to be a patriotic hero. One flag is NEVER enough.
Some additional information on these individuals.

Goal-setting is based on gaining approval from others; personal standards are unreasonably high in order to see oneself as exceptional, or too low based on a sense of entitlement; often unaware of own motivations.

 Impaired ability to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others; excessively attuned to reactions of others, but only if perceived as relevant to self; over- or underestimate of own effect on others.

Excessive attempts to attract and be the focus of the attention of others; admiration seeking.

Requiring excessive admiration, adulation, attention and affirmation, or failing that, wishing to be feared and be notorious. The wearing of firearms for all to see.

Feels entitled to admiration, expects it and will go to great lengths to get it.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

More About Heroes

A letter from the Albuquerque Journal that speaks to a favorite subject of mine.

The military veteran as a hero syndrome is especially insidious as the real military hero is undermined by any person that has a patch on his hat, anyone who still fits their old uniforrm. It does not matter that they were a cook in Washington, D.C. or a bus driver at Camp Pendelton. As long as the uniform still fits and you can show up at an event on the 4th of July. And for some reason or other the Navy does not seem to appeal to the hero wannabe. We seem to like the other branches of the armed services.